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Nima Denzongpa 20th September 2021 Sarla gets Maaji’s call on Nima’s phone. Maaji asks where is Nima? Ask her to come back to work from tomorrow and she should be on time. She ends the call. Sarla rushes to Nima and says don’t be sad now, Maaji called and asked you to come back to work. Nima gets excited and thanks her. Nima’s phone rings, she takes the call.

Nima comes to the park. Suresh is there also. He says I want to say so many things but I don’t know how to. He says I should have stayed with you but I was helpless, I won’t do the same mistake, I will accept you now and be with you.

I want to bring you and my daughters back into my life. God is with us so just forgive me.. Nima smiles and it all turns out to be her dream. She turns to see Suresh standing there sadly. He says sorry, I got late. She says it’s okay. Suresh says I want to say so many things but I am weak, I have lost to the situation,

I have done a lot of mistakes. I know now that I have to make one unhappy to keep the other one happy that’s why.. Nima says tell me. Suresh turns away from her and says I thought about it, I know you would understand so I think we should take a divorce. Nima is shocked to hear that and starts crying. Suresh says I am tired of my life, I know I am doing a big mistake but I am doing this for Varun and Tulika..

Nima tries to calm herself. She wipes her tears and says remember you brought me here after our wedding. Suresh recalls the flashback of how hugged Nima and wrote their names on the tree, he wrote Nima as his wife. The flashback ends. Suresh sadly looks at the tree. Nima says you changed. We were crazy in love but so much time has passed, the situation changed us. Suresh smiles sadly and says the time has changed us, we were crazy fools in love but now it looks like a dram.

A coconut seller comes there and says I remember you both. The flashback shows how Suresh brought one coconut and two straws. The flashback ends. The seller gives them one coconut and 2 straws. Suresh says we don’t want it today. The seller leaves. Nima sadly says the situation has brought us to a point where we can’t even say much. Suresh says we got lost in all this madness. Nima says let’s walk and talk?

Suresh and Nima start walking the park. Suresh says I am sorry Nima, I have done a lot of mistakes but this is my biggest one. Nima says I have done a lot of mistakes too. I should have studied more, I should have stopped you from marrying another woman. We have learned our lessons. I started losing you when you get married again. This divorce is just a formality. Suddenly, it starts raining.

Suresh takes off his shirt and puts it over Nima’s head as he did in the past. Nima sadly looks at him. She moves away from him and says I have learned a lot in this city, even getting drenched in the rain so I don’t need your support. Suresh says maybe I couldn’t provide you support. Nima goes under a shed and tries to dry herself. Suresh sadly looks at her and says I was lucky to have a girl like you but I couldn’t keep you.

I lost you. Nima says it’s all useless now, our story’s end is here. Our paths are different. You have a family where I and my daughters have no place. I want to make my daughters strong, I want them to fly like my father wanted to see me. My daughters will fulfill his dream now. She cries and says our last meeting will be memorable. She says let’s move on to our individual paths. She starts leaving but Suresh holds her hand. Nima sadly looks at him. They recall all their moments together.

Suresh falls down to his knees, Nima sits in front of him also. Suresh holds her hands. They cry while touching foreheads. Suresh says I am sorry for everything I did with you, I will never forget that. Nima caresses his face and says I have no complaints from you. Let’s start our lives again, we have to let each other go now. Nima starts leaving. Suresh takes out the divorces papers. Nima thinks we didn’t know what the future would hold for us.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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