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Nima Denzongpa 20th May 2022 Gulshan says Nima please go from here before Virat comes. She coughs and cries. Nima gives her water. Nima says you don’t need to request me. I know I was here for Krish. I never forgot one day I had to leave. Virat has taken care of me. I want to meet him once before leaving.

Mona says you know he won’t ever let you go. Look at mummy ji’s condition. Nima recalls how he supported her everytime. Virat is on his way. Virat tells Alok Nima has given me and Krish so much courage. Krish was able to think so independently only because of her. Alok says I’ve never seen you so happy around anyone. Virat says I will tell Nima what’s in my heart once I leave.

Nima packs her bags in tears. She recalls her time with Virat and Krish. She recalls the new clothes Virat got her. Virat thinks about Nima and smiles. He imagines her next to him. He holds her hand. Nima is leaving the house. She recalsl her bond with Krish. Nima sees his paintings in tears. She sees their photo together.

Mona asks Gulshan how do you feel now? Nima comes. Nima says I am leaving. Thank you for keeping me like a family. Forgive me if I did anything wrong. I will always have good intention for this house. She touches Gulshan’s feet. Priyal says thanks for your support in this house. Please forgive me. Nima says I’ve apologized you already. Priyal says Virat and I will be one, thank you. Nima says all the best. She’s leaving.

Mona says when our servants leave we check their bags. Gulshan says that’s not needed. Nima says no if Mona has no shame in asking I’ve no shame in showing. Mona checks Nima’s bag. Gulshan says Virat got you new clothes where are those? Nima says they’re not mine. I am not taking them. She says take your medicine after an hour. She leaves.

Scene 2
Nima comes back to chawl. Sunita hugs her. Women ask Nima you? You left the house? You look simple. Did he leave you? Nima says the world can change but not you. I’ve a home here, my family lives here. I can come here whenever I want. Stay away from me and my family.

Mona and Priyal drink and celebrate. Priyal says Krish and Nima both are out of this house. Mona says be careful. She shouldn’t come back to this house. Priyal says once Virat comes back home I know how to handle him.

Nima says to Varun Krish come eat. He says you forgot my name? Nima says sorry Varun I mean. Sunita says you stayed with them like a family. You would miss Krish and Virat. Nima says I was there for Krish. It had to happen. Sia says you don’t know your place in that house. I know Virat will come back to take you.

Scene 3
Virat comes home. He says how can she leave like that? she must have said something. Priyal calls him from another number. He says did you all say anything to her? Mona says no she said she can’t live here without Krish. she was here for Krish only.

Priyal calls Virat again. He says hello.. He throws his phone in anger. Priyal picks his phone and texts Nima. Sia says to Nima I know Virat will come for sure. Nima says Virat texted. Sia says read it. Nima says but he never texts. Sia says he must be shy. Nima reads. It says Nima it’s not easy for me to say it.

Virat says I am going to her place. Mona says how can you leave at night? Virat says no I wanna go. Mona falls on the sofa. Alok picks her and a letter there. Alok says this is a letter, I think Nima left it for you. Priyal placed it. Alok says we’ll go out, you read it in peace. Virat opens the letter. Nima reads you helped me in taking care of Krish. I will never forget that. Virat reads the letter, it says Virat ji..

My journey with you was very good. You supported me so much. Thank you for that. Nima reads you were a nanny but you took care of Krish like a mother. He has moved forward in life and so should you and I. This journey ends here.

Nima’s lettre says the same. Nima’s letter says my family needs me. I love them the most. Please don’t try to contact or meet me. Nima reads, you were very nice Nima. Please take care, all the best. Nima’s letter says I want to get out of this fake marriage. I hope you will understand and agree to that.

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