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Nima Denzongpa 20th June 2022 Virat says to Shiv what you did wasn’t right. Shiv says what face would I say to Sia after losing my job? Virat says what does it mean to be partners? You face things together. He shows a letter to Shiv.

Shiv reads it’s an offer letter from his company. Shiv says you’ve done enough for us. Virat says I am a businessman. I make decisions for my business. I am making this offer because I need a qualified man like you. Shiv says thank you. Virat says welcome.

Virat comes home. He dances with Krish around Nima. She says let me go work. He says you’ve to play with us. Priyal looks outside. Virat says we will order from outside. Nima says no. He says yes.

Scene 2
Sia comes to her room. She sees I love written on a card. Shiv comes and says I am sorry. Please. I know I’ve hurt you a lot. I want to spend this time with you. Rain has given us many beautiful times. I hope you will forgive me.

I know you love me but can’t trust me. Will you give me another chance? He shows her the offer and says Virat thinks I qualify for it. One chance, please. Sia says our dad kept running away from his problems. I don’t want to be like him. We’ve to face things together. He says I will never leave you. Let’s eat?

Scene 3
Priyal is hungry. She says I’ve to get out of here but how. She breaks the lock and comes to the kitchen. She eats there and falls asleep. Priyal wakes up. The entire family is standing there. Nima says hello Priyal.

Your hide and seek game is over. Are you shocked? Your plan flopped. Priyal says you gave me sleeping pills? I am pregnant. Virat says we gave you multivitamins with a bit of sleep which is good for health.

Priyal says you kept me locked in the store. Nima says you had everything there. Gulshan says what is she doing here? Nima tells everyone her plan. Virat asked Nima what’s the problem. Nima told him everything. Virat and Nima made the plan together.

Gulshan says is this true Priyal? Priyal says I want Virat. I did it for him. She hugs Virat and says I love you. Nima says you’ve pushed him further away. You can’t blackmail me and Maniya anymore.

She says what will you do? Call the police? Your child will also go there. Virat says now we will control your life. Nima says we will keep an eye on you. Priyal says who will do that? Virat says we’ve chosen a special person.

A guard comes in. He says yes sir I will keep an eye on her. Priyal says you can’t do this. Priyal says this isn’t right. Nima hugs Maniya. Maniya says I am sorry aai. Nima says we’ve to keep an eye in Priyal.

Virat says we will handle her. Nima and I can handle anything together. Virat says we’ll keep an eye on her 24/7. Maniya says thank you Virat ji. We’ve always seen aai suffer. It’s so good to see someone having her back.

Virat says she’s my support system. Maniya touches Gulshan’s feet. She says daughters don’t touch feet. Keep coming I like it when daughters come to this house. Nima says where’s Mona?

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Telecast Date:20th June 2022
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