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Nima Denzongpa 20th July 2022 Suresh calls Tulika. Tulika says hello Avi Ji how are you? He says your driver and PA took you with them. You also started talking very strangely like a cheap class woman. She says you..

Suresh stops her. They calm her down. She says can you hear me? I think it was a cross connection. I don’t remember anything after that juice. Did you mix anything in it? He says how can I do such a cheap thing? She says you are so nice. She says let it be. I have no other friends other than you.

He says I want to show you a place outside Mumbai. It’s very nice. She says I will make the plan this time. He says what’s the plan? She says I cook very well. I look like cooking for my special friends.

Can I cook at your place for you and we can eat it together? He says that’s very nice we can do that. Tulika says I will mix poison in his food.

Nima, Tulika and Suresh get ready. Nima says to Sunita I feel a lot better Suresh and Tulika are supporting me. I hope Virat is okay too. Door knocks.. Gulshan opens the door. Nima touches her feet. She’s shocked to see her in that dress. Gulshan says who are you? Sunita says he’s Nima’s distant relative.

Gulshan says she’s such a liar she always said she’s not connected to her family. She says I came to return Nima’s things. We are leaving Mumbai. Nima is shocked. Gulshan says I don’t want to see Nima’s face again so we’re leaving this city. She drops the things and leaves. Nima gets teary. Sunita hugs Nima. Nima says I have to win this battle. Sunita says everything will be fine don’t worry.

Scene 2
Alok gets the flat ready. He lights a candle. Alok opens the door. Suresh and Nima come with her too. Alok says why are they with you? She says I have to cook for you how will I do that without my staff?

He says I can help you. She says no I won’t let you work. Nima says you both can spend more time together if we do most work. Tulika says looks like he’s not in the mood. She says you won’t come to the kitchen let me surprise you with my cooking. Alok says I will wait for you.

Alok says as long as I was Alok even my family didn’t respect me and now this Jiji is cooking for me. Suresh tries to call the police station. He files a complaint. Alok comes there. Suresh says the car isn’t working. Inspector says this is the police number? Suresh pretends like he’s talking to the car company.

Alok comes to the kitchen. Nima and Tulika are lauhging. Alok says what’s going on between you two. Suresh tries to tell Nima her mustache is falling. Suresh says to Alok you should wait for the surprise.

Nima fixes her mustache. Alok says you have an affair going on with this driver? Nima says what are you saying? Alok says I saw you both laughing and hugging myself. Tulika cries and says you have such small thinking. Chintu is like a young brother to me. Alok says I am sorry I got confused.

Please forgive your Abhi. Bell rings. Suresh says I couldn’t call police. Alok opens the door. He says we are police. SOmeone registered a complaint against you, you’re under arrest. They laugh, Alok laughs too. Nima realizes they are the same ones who tried to arrest Virat. They ask Alok for money. Alok says Alok is dead, I am Avinash. You both are fake police and just actors.

Nima is shocked. Nima says he fooled us. The guy says if real police came you would have been in jail. Avinash says I will pay you both tomorrow. Tulika says that means Virat’s life is not in danger. Nima says I have to tell the family. It’s not this easy. They don’t trust me. Alok will plot something again. I have to prove he’s a fraud. We have to expose him.

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Telecast Date:20th July 2022
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