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Nima Denzongpa 1st September 2021 Suresh makes Tuilka eat sweets. Nima smiles sadly and goes to work in the kitchen. Suresh is about to go to her but Tulika acts like fainting so Suresh takes her in the room.

At the night time, Nima is sitting outside the house. Suresh comes there and asks what are you doing here? She says I am stitching a frock. Suresh offers her sweets. Nima says congrats. I just want you and your Ayi to have a son. Suresh says I know you have done a lot and I am thankful. I saw my dream with you but God will make everything fine. It will be a happy ending, you will be a Badi Ayi of my kids. Nima smiles.

In the morning, Suresh is counting money to give to Sunita. Tulika wakes up and asks what is he doing? He says I have to give money to Sunita and Nima. Tulika says give me some more money. Suresh says I gave you money 2 days ago. Tulika says I am pregnant and I need money for tests. Suresh says we need to get tests done after 4 months right? Tulika cries and says I have needs. Suresh gives her money and says Nima will manage in less money. Tulika says this money is not for me but for this baby. Suresh nods and leaves.

Suresh comes to Sunita and gives her house money. He says it’s a little less. Suresh comes and gives money to Nima. Sunita tells Suresh that I need more money. Suresh says I have to manage everyone in this house. Sunita takes money from Nima and says she doesn’t need it, I will manage everything. Nima says it’s okay, I don’t need money. If I need it then I will ask Ayi. Sunita says right and leaves. Suresh smiles at Nima.

Ganpati pooja starts in Suresh’s house. Suresh tries to do aarti with Nima but Tulika takes it from him. Suresh’s boss (an actor) enters his house and does pooja with them. The actor does pooja with Sia. Nima smiles at them. The actor gives the aarti to Nima. Sunita is angry. The pooja ends.
Suresh gives food to his boss and thanks him for coming to their house. The boss asks where is your Nima? Suresh says I will call her. Everyone is clicking pictures with the actor. Tulika sits with him. His guard asks her to not disturb him. Suresh calls Nima. The actor tells her that Suresh was always infatuated with Sikkim. The actor says I have to leave now. He gives money to Nima’s daughters and to Nima. He says daughters are Devi so get them anything they need. Nima smiles. The actor Vilash leaves from there.

Scene 2
Tulika calls out to Nima and asks where is the necklace for the pooja? Nima says I put it here only. I will go and bring it. Sunita says you should have been more careful, you were just smiling at his boss. Tulika says I will go and get it. Tulika says my slippers are missing too. Nima says it was here only. You can wear my slippers. Tulika asks her to go and do her work. She acts like screaming in pain and says Nima’s slippers made me slip. Suresh sees oil in her slippers. Tulika says she must have done it deliberately to make me slip and lose my baby. Sunita shouts at Nima why would you do it? Are you jealous of her? Nima cries and goes from there. Suresh comes to Nima. Nima says that baby is mine also, she is like my sister, why would I do that? Suresh says I trust you more than anything. These people won’t listen so it’s useless to talk to them. God is with us so don’t cry. Smile for me. Suresh hugs her.

Sunita tells Tulika that I can’t believe she has such a black heart. Tulika laughs and says you are a fool also. The flashback shows how Tulika had put oil in the slippers herself. Sunita laughs and says you are clever but Suresh is still in her clutches. Tulika says he would start doubting her after sometime. Sunita says you are right.

Nima is serving food to the family. Tuliks silently mixes something in her food. She says what is this? She takes out a needle from her food and says Nima must have done it. Suresh asks Nima to be careful. Nima says I don’t how this needle came in the food, I will be more careful now. Tulika smirks.

In the morning, Nima is cooking in the kitchen. Tulika applies red color on her finger and screams. She says my hand got burned because Nima put hot water in the bucket. Sunita says Nima is doing all this deliberately, she wants to kill my baby. Suresh says I will go and check the water. He checks the water and says it’s very hot. She scolds Nima to be careful, Tulika could have gotten burned.

Tulika puts soap on the floor. Nima is cleaning the floor. Tulika acts like slipping. Suresh saves her. Tulika says she wants to kill my baby. Nima says it’s not like that.. Suresh says enough Nima, stay away from Tulika for some days. Just do your work. Nima cries.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2021
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