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Nima Denzongpa 1st November 2021 Suresh tells Nima that Tulika kept your gift thinking as hers. She says it’s okay. She kept a lot of her things like that. He says, I know only you have right on that saree, but I will buy you a new saree. She says, I already have too many sarees. You don’t need to spend money on that.

You can save it for your family. He says, you talk big, but look at yourself, you can’t take care of yourself. He points that her aid cloth has opened up. She says she will fix it after going home. He asks her to forward her hand and does the aid again. She thanks him for helping them yesterday and says Tulika must have shouted at him a lot. He says leave Tulika, she’s my problem and asks she didn’t think once before saving Sunita?

He should thank her. He says it’s so strange that destiny keeps bringing them closer. She sees his burned hand and now she does the aid. She says you always take care of others and forget about yourself. He says you’re the only one in my life who looks after me. Suman sees them and shouts Nima. She says this means Bakay was right something is going on between them. She calls Nima inside.

Varun gets frustrated as Sunita tells him to first give exams when Tulika’s father wishes him all the best for his exam. Sunita changes the topic. Tulika’s father gives sweets box to Sunita. He asks Suresh is fine, right? Sunita says yes. Tulika says nothing is fine. He is still where he was before. Sunita assures Tulika’s father that this won’t repeat again. Tulika takes her father outside saying she will drop him.

He hands the papers to her saying he fulfilled his promise. Sunita sees that. When Tulika comes back inside, Sunita asks what she is hiding. Tulika says it’s just her school results. Sunita thinks she’s hiding something for sure. She will have to find it out.

Mania sees her pictures with Paras and feels good. The director tells Paras that he was right that Mania is perfect for the shoot. He gets a call and leaves. Mania tells Paras that he’s looking so cute in the picture. He says he doesn’t like giving poses, he doesn’t know how she made him do that. She says he can do modeling too. She transfers the photos in her phone to keep in her memory who gave her first break. He sees her watch and says it looks familiar. He can’t recall it exactly.

She says she got it as a gift. He says, I took your bracelet and I feel very bad. She says not to stress about it. He gifts her a new bracelet. She says it looks expensive and she can’t accept it. He insists her. His father comes and sees the bracelet in Mania’s hand. His father asks him to come to his cabin right now.

Suman asks Nima did I ever say anything that made you feel bad? Whenever you needed, I was with you. Then why you did not tell me about you and Suresh. Nima says it’s not like what you think. She tells the entire truth how they got married and separated and she ended up with her daughters. She says he’s father of my daughters and that’s the only relation we have between us.

Paras comes to his father. His father says, you gave a gold bracelet to a random girl. He says she’s our employee. His father reminds him that he’s engaged. He says it’s nothing like that, it’s common these days that employers give gifts to their employees. His father says no one gives gold. I am running business since years, don’t try to play with me. I know very well what’s going on. Take the bracelet back.

His father further asks how dare he to buy the bracelet without asking him. Paras says how can I ask it back? His father says do anything. You don’t know this type of girls. You are too innocent. Girls try to trap and boys like you get trapped too. You are very lucky to have found Mitali. It’s a golden opportunity and he should make a full use of it. I am your father and I am telling this for your good. Paras assures him that nothing wrong will happen and leaves. His father wonders from where he got money. It must be Suman.

Suman tells Nima, you went through so much and we didn’t get a hint about your struggle. I have empathy for you, but I can’t lie to everyone. Suresh must leave from here. Nima requests her not to do that. He needs work very badly. Suman tells her to think about her too. Nima says, fine. If only one can stay, then let Suresh stay. I will leave. Suman says what are you saying? You can’t leave. Go and call Suresh.

Suresh comes there. Suman says I know your truth, but a lot has happened between you two. Maaji will never be okay with this. If you two try to solve anything, then things will just get complicated. You two actually should not even be around each other, but I don’t care about that. I only don’t want bad effect of this on my family. She tells Suresh how Nima told her to keep him on the job and she will quit. She says, I can’t let Nima go like that. She has been with us since many years.

She is a part of my family. Suresh says, I can always get a new job. It’s very important for Nima to stay here. I will leave. Nima says, you stay, I will go. It’s very hard to find a new job at this age. He says, I am a man, I can do anything. I can do labor work too. What will you do? I can’t see you in problem. They both don’t listen. Suman says, enough. I don’t get why you two got separated. There is so much love between you two. You two care so much about each other. You have put me in a difficult spot. I will have to think something.

Sia and Shiv reach late for the conference. Their colleagues tease them. Shiv gets Nima’s call as Sia’s battery is down. Their colleagues tease them more saying they can see them marrying in future. Both blush.

Paras is confused how to ask the bracelet back. He says he will pay for it, but Mania will keep that bracelet. Suresh comes to him and says, I want to quit this job. Paras asks if any problem. Suresh says it’s just my family problem. Paras says when you have decided already, then I can’t force you to stay.

Suman’s husband returns home and he is upset with Suman. He asks what did you think I won’t find out what’s going on in this home? Nima thinks he found out her and Suresh’s truth and says, it’s not Suman’s fault. Suman’s husband tells Nima to do her work. Suman asks her husband to say it clearly. He tells her about the bracelet. Suman says, I don’t know anything about it. He tells her to find it out then how he got money and talk to him.

Sunita is determined to find what papers Tulika was hiding. She sends Tulika out to get samosa.

Bakay is massaging Maaji’s legs. Nima comes there to talk to Maaji. Maaji thinks she came to take Diwali bonus. Nima says, not for money. Bakay says she must be needing day off. Nima says she wants to take off, but permanently. Maaji gets shocked. Nima says, I thought to spend time with my daughters. Maaji says when they were kids, you wanted to work and now when they are settled, you want to spend time with them? She asks Nima if she got another job.

Nima says it’s something else. Maaji asks why you’re telling me. You should talk to Suman. Nima says, I don’t have courage to talk to her, she won’t let me go. You’re elder. If you tell her, then she will listen. I came to this decision with a lot of difficulty. You considered me a part of your family and gave me so much love.

If I made any mistake, then forgive me. Maaji tells her that once she leaves, she won’t be able to come back. Nima says, I know. She takes Maaji’s blessings and leaves. Maaji and Bakay are still puzzled. Nima looks around the house and recalls the time that she spent in the house. She gets emotional.

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