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Nima Denzongpa 1st July 2022 Nima comes inside the room. SHe takes off the blanket from the bed. There are pillows under it. Mona says Krish must have pranked it. Gulshan says let’s go. We’ve to prepare for the party. The detective calls Nima. He says I will find him but it will cost something. She says don’t worry about it.

Nima gets dressed. She says I hope Virat likes my look. She asks how do I look? He says amazing, I love it. Nima says I wanted to talk to you. He says loud, I can’t hear. Nima says someone tried to kill us in this house.

I don’t know who to trust. Nima says I can’t do it alone. We’ve to do it together. We’ve to find out who that person is. Will you help me? He says we’re partners. He was on call. He says I didn’t even hear what Nima was saying.

Nima looks after the arrangements. Nima goes near Gulshan’s room. She says on call that we couldn’t do it earlier, we’ve to do it in Mumbai. Today’s party is a good chance. No one should doubt. Nima cries and says mummy ji?

How can she do that. Gulshan comes out and says how do I look? Nima says very good Gulshan says you look like heroin too. She says you both look so good together. They laugh and dialogue. Nima says in her heart I’ve to find out who was she talking to.

Virat sets the music. Everyone starts dancing. Virat dances with Mona. He asks Nima to drink. Nima says I don’t drink. Alok says he’s joking. Nima looks at Gulshan on call. She asks Gulshan can I take your phone? Do I need to call Maniya? Gulshan says sure. Bell rings. Maniya comes in.

Gulshan says they’re here. Don’t need to call now. She takes her phone back. Nima welcomes everyone. She asks where is Varun? Paras says he’s parking the car. Virat plays around. Nima says what’s wrong with him. Maniya says he acts very cold since he came back. Nima says maybe he’s traumatized.

We should give him time. Mona says to Chinkey call your boyfriend. Varun comes outside. He says to Chinkey I want to tell you something. She says my mom wants to meet you first. Sunita says Varun where were you?

Does it take that long to park the car? Chinkey is shocked. He says aa Ji there was no space. Chinkey is shocked. Mona asks Chinkey did he come? She says he won’t. Chinkey sits wit her family and Varun with his.

Virat says why is no one dancing? Everyone is still acting like Nima and Virat are dead. Nima says what are you saying.

He says you sound like you also wonder why are you alive. you don’t act alive. Gulshan says why don’t you both dance? Nima says what? Gulshan says yes. Virat dances with Nima. Virat dances around Sunita and everyone. Nima wonders why is he acting so weird. He dances on the tables and acts vulgarly.

Gulshan goes out to take her call. Nima looks at her too. Gulshan pays money to a man and says it should be done well. He says don’t worry. The lights will go off in 2 minutes. Nima hears and says what is going on.

Virat asks how was my performance? He’s very drunk. Nima says to Virat something wrong is gonna happen. Lights go off. Nima screams for help. Lights come back. Gulshan makes her wear a necklace. She says why are you crying?

I kept a surprise for you. I didn’t accept you as my DIL. I wanted to get this set delivered to you in Sekin. But then you met an accident. I never could give anything to you. So I thought I can complete this surprise today.

Nima says sorry it was dark so I got scared. Gulshan says it’s okay. We’re all family. Nima hugs Gulshan. Gulshan says my Nima looks so good with this necklace. Virat says I also died, no one surprised me. Gulshan says what do you want?

He says car. Gulshan says done. Sia says when did he start asking for such things? Shiv says he’s acting so weird. I also had to talk to aai.

Nima cries in the kitchen. She says what was I doing. I was doubting mummy ji. How can she harm us? She cries. Sunita asks what happened? Tell me what’s wrong. Nima hugs her and cries. Nima tells her everything from start. Nima says I was doubting everyone even mummy ji. Sunita says it’s okay. You were traumatized. Who could do this?

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Telecast Date:1st July 2022
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