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Nima Denzongpa 1st December 2021 Tulika tells Sunita that Suresh is lying, he can’t sign the papers but he can do all his work? Varun says we are eating the same food as we did at the lunch. Tulika says don’t taunt me, ask your father.

Suresh comes there and says I will fulfill your wishes. I brought Chinese food. Sunita asks if his hand is fine now? Suresh says yes. Let’s eat together. Sunita and Tulika say we are not hungry. Suresh and Varun start eating. Varun says it’s delicious.

Mania is preparing for her audition. Nima helps her and says I will always support my daughters, just be careful about this field. You should ask your friend Naina about this production company. Mania calls Naina and asks if she can find out if the offer I got is real or not. Naina says just send me the details and I will try to find out in the morning. Mania thanks her and ends the call.

Maaji tells Suman that we will go to the mandir and then we will start with the wedding preparations. We can’t take Babita with us so ask Nima to stay with her till we come back. Suman looks on. Maaji asks her to look a little happy.

At nighttime, Tulika tries to eat the leftover food. She can’t find it and turns to see Sunita eating it in the dark. She gets scared and screams. Suresh comes there and says I left some food for you both so you don’t need to act like thieves.

Shiv talks to his wife Kanchan and says I really like tea. Kanchan says Sia told me that, she knows you a lot. Shiv looks away and says everyone knows each other in the bank. Kanchan says I am not saying you had an affair with her, was Sia looked down on today? Shiv asks why are you asking about that? Kanchan says can’t I talk about her? Shiv says sorry. The bell rings so Shiv goes to check. Kanchan says thank God Sia didn’t tell her about the message.

Scene 2
In the morning, Nima tells Mania that I will go to the audition with you. Mania says don’t worry. Nima says I am going with you otherwise I won’t let you go. Mania says fine, you can come with me.

Tulika meets the fake producer. He says we will shoot on the green screen and then we will edit Mania’s photos. Tulika says you can do that? He says yes. Tulika says no one should know that this is a fake audition. The producer says don’t worry, we have prepared everything. Tulika says she must be coming soon.

Nima and Mania arrive at the audition center. Mania says there are many girls here. Nima calls Suman. Suman says don’t come late. Babita will be alone today so come here soon. Nima says okay. She ends the call and says I don’t want to leave you alone. Naina calls Mania and says I checked, this is a good project.

She tells Nima to not worry about Mania. Mania ends the call and asks Nima to leave, everything is okay. Nima leaves. Tulika hides and thinks everything is going as planned. The producer comes there and asks Mania to come inside. She goes in. Tulika gives money to other girls pretending to audition there.

Nima sits in the auto and sees Mania’s keys with her, she says I will give them to her. She goes back to her audition.

The producer gives a lehenga dress to Mania and says you have to audition in this only. Mania goes to change. Tulika hides and watches over her. Nima comes to the audition area and sees all girls gone. Mania starts her audition. The producer says we will take your shots with a guy. The guy comes there without a shirt on. Nima goes inside the audition area. She looks around and goes into the room to see Mania standing with a shirtless guy. All look on.

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Telecast Date:1st December 2021
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