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Nima Denzongpa 19th May 2022 Mona says we’ve to make sure Krish sticks to his decision and Nima doesn’t stop him. Mona says I will handle Nima. Virat calls different boarding schools. They offer him admission.

Priyal says wow he got admission in such a big school. Nima says we should think about it. Something isn’t right. Mona says it’s such a big school. He will succeed. Gulshan says it’s the best for him.

Nima says he’s doing good at home too. He must have gotten this idea from somewhere. Gulshan says you’re scared your future is in danger in this house if Krish leaves? Virat says no mummy Nima only thinks good for Krish.

Virat says the therapist also said Krish should be independent. He should be with kids of his age. He’s decided it with his happiness. He will be very happy there.

Nima packs Krish’s things. She recalls her moments with Krish. She gets teary. Virat wipes her tears. Krish comes in. Virat says Krish.. He dances with him. Virat hugs Krish. Nima puts him to sleep. He looks away from Virat. Virat says his independent life is starting. I am happy for him. You should sleep too. We’ve to leave early tonight. Nima kisses Krish and cries.

Scene 2
The next morning, Krish gets ready. He meets Gulshan and everyone. Mona says I will miss you. Gulshan throws up. Mona says I mixed three tablets in her food. Gulshan gets very sick. She says I can’t even move. Mona says Virat you go with Krish I can take care of Krish. Mona throws up too. She says I feel sick too.

Chinkey says you all must have eaten something weird. Priyal says I will take care of them. Nima can also stay here. Gulshan’s condition gets worse. Nima says I will stay here, you and Alok drop Krish. Krish gets more upset. Alok and Virat leave with Krish. Priyal says to Krish kids like us are very strong. Nima isn’t even going with you. Krish shoves her.

Nima comes to Krish and gives him bappa. She says you can come back whenever you want. I am not going with you but I am in your heart. She hugs him. Krish cries. Priyal says Virat Krish shouldn’t get emotional. Nima says don’t forget maa. Virat says my champ got such a good admission. Krish leaves with Virat and Alok.

Scene 3
Maniya tries to arrange a surrogate. Paras says don’t worry. We will find a surrogate. Nima takes care of Gulshan. She gives her medicine. Nima says I will make khichdi for you. Virat calls Nima. Mona says to Gulshan this Virat is trapped by Nima. Krish is gone too now kick this Nima out too. Virat calls Nima.

He says I dropped Krish. He’s grown so old. It was so difficult for me. thank God you’re with me. Nima tells Gulshan Krish is settled there. Virat is coming back. Gulshan says then you also pack your bags. No one needs you here. Priyal says let Virat come back. Mona says you are not part of this family.

Gulshan says you’re nice but you were here for Krish when Krish isn’t here you are not needed here. I don’t want anyone else to be a hindrance in my son’s way. Especially a woman who’s the mother of three girls. it’s not fair for him. Mona says he stopped his life for Krish not nima now. Gulshan says to Nima it’s a mother’s request. Please leave before Virat comes. She cries.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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