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Nima Denzongpa 19th July 2022 Alok and Tulika talk. Tulika says I don’t think he will come. I should go. She says to Alok thanks for saving me. He smiles looking at her. She says you’re so sweet. She walks away. Alok stops her. He says I can help you get a flat I have many properties. Tell me your name and number.

She says my name is Gunjan. My friends call me Jiji. He says very nice. He says my name is Avinash Jha and my friends call me Abhi. He says should I call your Mrs. or Ms. She says Ms. He takes the number. Tulika leaves. The watchman says you get lucky every day.

Suresh tells Sunita she acted so well. Sunita says I taught her after all. Tulika says your old phase is coming back. Nima says I feel scared. Tulika says he’s into me don’t worry. Sunita says why didn’t he call? Alok calls her. Tulika says hello. He says I am Avi. She says who is Avi? He says we met today.

Didn’t you save my number? She says sorry I forgot. He says I have some flats files today, if you come today we can check those. You can come to me. Tulika says okay. Can we meet at a cafe? He says the maps are very big. It’s difficult to take them there. If you’re not comfortable we will let it be.

She says no no I will meet you. Nima says he’s very dangerous. You can’t risk your life for my problem. I can’t let you do this. Suresh says yes let’s think something different. She says it’s a drama. There’s no problem.

I can handle myself. I know what to do. Suresh says we will keep an eye on it. Sunita says she’s Tulu don’t worry. Nima says we will be outside the flat and keep your phone on. Tulika says yes don’t worry.

Scene 2
Alok waits for Tulika. She comes.. He says you look very pretty. Tulika says nice flat. Do you have candles? Nima and Suresh are outside. He starts showing Tulika flat plans. He says would you like coffee, tea, or hard drinks? She says I don’t drink.

Coffee would work. Tulika tries to make his video. She says come sit here. Let me take pictures of the plan. She tries to make his video. Alok takes the phone and says don’t make my video. I don’t like taking photos or videos. We’re sitting here in person. Let me get you a juice. Tulika says sure. Nima is worried about Tulika.

Nima says he’s given her a drink. It could be mixed with anything. We have to save Tulika. Tulika asks Alok what juice was? He says it will give you and me a lot of fun. Tulika starts fainting. She says don’t sit too close. He says it’s okay. Tulika faints. Alok comes near her.

Bell rings. Suresh and Nima come disguised as sardars. Nima says we are Jiji madam’s driver and PA and we are here to take her back. Alok says I feel like I’ve seen you before. Nima says I was in Dehli before. Suresh says we came to pick Jiji madam. Tulika is drunk. Alok says to have tea downstairs. She will come in a bit.

They rush in. Nima says Jiji madam are you okay? Tulika says, Suresh.. Nima says don’t miss your passed away boyfriend so much. Alok asks who is Suresh? Nima says her lost love. Suresh asks Alok how did she end up like this? Tulika says I will tell him. Suresh and Nima take Tulika out.

Scene 3
Sunita gives lemonade to Tulika. She says he’s such a disgusting man. Nima says he’s very dangerous. Suresh says this plan is dangerous. Nima says now we will ask Alok to meet her in front of us. Suresh says why would he agree?

Nima says the next meeting should be at his place and we can make a video. Suresh says can send the proofs to the police.

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