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Nima Denzongpa 18th May 2022 Priyal comes to Krish. She says I know you’re upset because no one could answer about you. I can feel your pain because my parents are gone too.

People would give me gifts as sympathies too but they were never equal to how your parents love you, remember things about you. I had Mona di as bestfriend like you have Virat. I feel so alone now. I am an orphan like you. It’s important for you to get strong and deal with all of it on your own. I am always there to help you.

Mona looks at the cake and says see what I do with it now. She adds spices on the cake. Virat and Nima come. Mona says why this cake? Nima takes out another cake from microwave. She says you won, so that cake for you and this one for Krish. Virat makes Mona eat the cake.

She says no no I don’t wanna eat. He says okay I will eat. She says no no I won. Virat says then you eat. He makes her eat. She tries to control herself. Nima and Virat take the gifts and cake to Virat’s room. virat asks Nima to put phone on his eyes. He says wow we got the deal? He kisses the phone but kisses her hand in the end. He says sorry.

Scene 2
Virat and Nima bring gifts and cake to Krish. Nima says see all we got for you. Krish recalls what Priyal said. Nima asks didn’t you like it? He says I am sleepy. He goes to sleep. Virat and Nima think about his behavior. Nima says he’s still upset. Virat says he will be okay. Don’t worry. He will take time to adjust. Relax.

Nima goes to sleep. Priyal tells Mona she provoked Krish. Mona says well done. Chinkey says to Krish let’s go watch a moive. He says no. Nima says go Krish. He says okay. Krish and Chinkey watch the movie.

Priyal also comes. Krish gets upset while watfching the movie. Chinkey cries and says it was so sad. Who sends their kids to boarding school. Priyal says no one does that in real life until it’s not their own child. Chinkey says will Virat let Krish go? priyal says Virat can decide that. Krish gets upset.

Scene 3
Therapost meets Krish. She asks if something is making him sad? Mona and Priyal wait for him to say something. Nima says he’s very upset. Virat says say what you want Krish. He says I want to go to boarding. Nima says what are you saying? Virat says you have to stay there. Nima says are you joking?

He says no I wanna go to boarding school. Nima says why? Virat says you won’t go anywhere you will stay here with us. Stop thinking about it. Krish gets happy. Priyal says he we were watching this movie where he got this idea from.

The movie we were watching last night had a child who went to boarding school. Krish really found it exciting. He must have gotten the idea from there. Nima says there’s more to it. Priyal says therapist can tell better.

Krish writes thank you maa papa on a card and makes it for Nima and Virat. Nima and Virat come to him. Virat says we are doing all this because we love you a lot. Your happiness means everything to us. The therapist said to them Krish is asking to go to boarding school to be more idependent.

If he wants to go there there’s no trouble in exploring that option. He’s doing it with his heart. You should encourage him. Virat says if you wanna go to boarding school you’ve our full support. He hugs Krish. Krish throws the card in anger. Mona and Priyal laugh.

Nima asks what happened? Do you really wanna go? Krish recalls Priyal said if Virat loves Krish he wont’ let Krish go to boarding school. Krish says yes I wanna go. Virat says okay then you’ve my support.


Nima Denzongpa 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nima hands Krish, Ganeshji murti and says I am not coming with you but I am always there in your heart. Krish hugs her.Dadi says to Nima, Krish has settled in boarding you have nothing to do here, leave.

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Telecast Date:18th May 2022
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