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Nima Denzongpa 17th September 2021 Nima is crying in her house. Sarla says you are crying for that Suresh? I told you he can’t be trusted. It’s good that you answered them back today. I could expect all that from Tulika and Ayi but Suresh never takes a stand. Nima says he is innocent but I can’t let my daughters be hurt with all this. Nima gets Suman’s call and says sorry. She ends the call. Nima tells Sarla that I forgot to go to work today because of all this. If I get fired then I will lose everything.

Tulika recalls Nima’s words that she is the second woman and Suresh was her husband first.

Suresh is drinking alcohol and says if I said anything then my son would have died. I didn’t say anything and now I am dead from the inside, I have stooped in my eyes now. How can I look at my Nima now?

Sarla tells Nima that I will bring something for you to eat.

Suresh hears Varun crying and runs to him. He says my Varun is fine right? Tulika comes there and tells Sunita that he cares about his son only, he would have left me to burn. Suresh says enough of this drama, I stay with you and Varun, what else do you want? Tulika says divorce. Suresh is shocked and says what? Tulika says you should divorce Nima. Suresh says I promised that I won’t meet her anymore so why this? Tulika says you have everything in life now so why keep her in your life? I don’t trust you anymore so I want the papers to prove that you won’t go back to that cheap woman. She tells Sunita that if Suresh is happy with me and his son then why can’t he divorce her? Sunita says nothing to worry about, Suresh can divorce her, she doesn’t mean anything. Suresh says you are right, I am doing all this for my son. I am your toy, you both play with me all the time. He shouts that Ayi has destroyed my life. He leaves. Tulika says I will bring the divorce papers tomorrow.

Sarla brings food for Nima but she has already slept. Sarla sadly looks at her, she calls her husband and says I will stay with her tonight.

Tulika and Sunita drink alcohol. Sunita says Suresh slept after getting drunk. Tulika says Nima called me the second woman. How dare she. Sunita says she married him legally first so she will be his first wife. Tulika says I will get them divorced then she won’t be any woman in Suresh’s life. My father knows a lawyer so he will prepare the best papers. Sunita says I gave you jewelry when you got married so don’t sell it for this divorce expense. Tulika says stop it. Sunita says what do you know about divorce? When they get divorced then they will have to share expenses. I heard Suresh’s boss Balaj got divorced and got 2 flats from him, he has to give her monthly expenses too. Sunita says if Suresh divorces you then would you leave without anything? Tulika says I wouldn’t spare him. Sunita says Nima is an idiot so let her be. If you drag her to the court then she would become a lioness and ask for expenses from Suresh. Tulika says you are right, I have seen her lioness avatar but what if they get back together? Sunita says let’s see for the last time. Take a risk.

In the morning, Nima comes to Suman’s house. Suman says Maaji was right, you don’t care how much I trusted you? I took your side, I helped you but you didn’t even tell me that you wouldn’t come? I gave you the phone so you couldn’t even call me? Nima says I am sorry, you have done a lot for me, I am taking care of my daughters because of you. I am embarrassed to even look at you, I will leave now. She gives her the phone back. Suman gives her a monthly salary and says you can leave. Nima says no, I was wrong and you have done a lot for me. I don’t deserve this money. She starts leaving. Maaji comes there and looks on. Suman feels bad.

Scene 2
Nima comes home and says I will be home from now on. She tells Sarla that I lost the job. Sarla says don’t worry, we will find a job for you. Nima recalls how her mother told her to make her career. Nima says I should have listened to my mother.

Sunita and Tulika wake up, they have a headache. Suresh comes there and says I need tea. Tulika goes to make it. Suresh sits with his son. Tulika comes there and says I couldn’t sleep last night, I was lost in thoughts. I don’t want to create trouble for you and Nima anymore. It’s good you have decided to divorce her, just go to her and tell her. I won’t come behind you as I trust you. Just go and inform her properly as she was your wife. Suresh says how will I tell her? Sunita says you have to talk to her otherwise we can go to court. Suresh looks on.


Nima Denzongpa 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nima and Suresh sit in the park. Nima smiles sadly and says we were crazy in love and didn’t think about life. Suresh says those promises and days were amazing. Nima asks what he wants to say? Suresh says I can’t keep the two of you happy at the same time so I think we should take a divorce. Nima is stunned.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
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