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Nima Denzongpa 16th September 2021 Suresh is playing with his daughters. Nima brings tea for him. Sia hugs him and says thank you for letting baba stay here. Nima asks them to go and play, the kids leave. Suresh makes Nima sit beside him. Nima says just understand that I let you stay here for my daughters only, don’t have any wrong hope. I had to do a lot to get back on my feet. I can’t fight with Tulika and Ayi anymore.

Suresh says I know you had pain but give this relationship some time. God will make everything fine. Suresh plays with his daughters. Nima sees the rain has stopped and says Suresh you can leave now. Sia says I want baba to tell us a story. Nima says let him go. Suresh says let me tell them one story and then I will leave. Nima says fine. She goes to work in the kitchen while Suresh plays with his daughters. Nima comes out of the kitchen to see the kids sleeping on Suresh. She tries to wake them up but Suresh says let them sleep, I will go away in the morning. Nima nods.

In the morning, Tulika comes back to Sunita’s house. Sunita says I brought your items. She gives her kerosene and says it can be dangerous. Tulika says just work your brains, I will fill it with water and everyone will think it’s kerosene. I will burn the stick with kerosene so everyone will believe that I am going to burn myself. Sunita says you are smart.

Nima hears some noise coming from outside. Suresh opens the door to find Sunita standing there. He asks what happened? Sunita says Tulika is going to burn herself with her Varun. Suresh turns around to see Tulika pouring kerosene on herself and Varun. She lights the stick. Nima tries to stop her. Tulika says I gave everything to this man but he keeps going to Nima. Nima says you are thinking wrong. Tulika shouts to stop it.

She tells Suresh that I will burn myself so you can stay with this Nima. Suresh says Varun is my life. Tulika says then why did you go to spend the night with this cheap woman? I will kill myself and my baby now. You promised me you would leave her but you lied. Sunita asks Suresh to stop her. Suresh begs her to stop it, I will not meet her anymore. Tulika says I did a mistake by trusting you. I left for a day and you went to stay with her? Suresh says calm down, we can talk.

Tulika acts like crying and says this Nima trapped him again. I know you are a cheap woman. Nima says it was my helplessness. Tulika says she is jealous because I have a son and she doesn’t. Sarla asks her to shut up. Tulika says she has a loose character, she will try to lure your husband also. Suresh says enough. Tulika says why? you never thought about me. I will burn myself. Sunita asks Suresh to stop her. Tulika says this Suresh and Ayi were dying for a baby boy.

This Nima couldn’t give him a boy but I gave him Varun. This Nima threw my Varun in the trashcan. He threw her out of the house. Suresh says my Nima can’t do anything like that. Tulika says the police confirmed it, this Nima is a cheap woman and can lure any man here. Nima says this is all a lie. Tulika says I will burn myself. Sunita stops her and takes Varun from her. She gives him to Suresh and asks him to go inside. We will handle this ourselves. Suresh sadly looks at Nima and leaves from there.

Tulika glares at Nima and says stop luring my husband. She cries and tells everyone in society that this woman is cheap, you should throw her out of her. Sunita says throw her out of here before she takes away your men. The women say we should throw her out before she can have an affair with our men. Tulika says she has cheap blood which can show its color anytime. Nima says enough, stop it. Tulika says why? How did you get money to get a house and send your daughters to schools?

You must be pimping yourself out. Sarla says she works at a house. Tulika says you call that work? That’s her pimping herself out. We should throw her out of here. All women shout to throw her out. They come near her but Nima shouts to not come near her daughters. She takes the burning stick and scares them away. She says I work at a big house 12 hours a day to afford this house as you all.

I work hard to send my kids to school, nobody has a right to throw me out. Tulika says I don’t want this other woman in my society anymore. Nima shouts that I am not a second woman, I was his wife first and you came in between us. I moved away from your path otherwise you wouldn’t be standing here. She tells everyone to leave me alone otherwise I will call the police. Tulika is stunned.

Nima tells Tulika that this is my house so you have no right to throw me out of here like trash. I brought Suresh into the house because of my daughters. He was dying to meet them because he is their father but from now on I won’t have any connection with Suresh, nor do my daughters. Nima takes her daughters and goes to her house. Tulika and Sunita are stunned.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2021
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