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Nima Denzongpa 15th September 2021 Sunita asks Suresh to not sit in two boats. You have to choose one boat only. Suresh says I was happy with one boat, you brought another boat in my life. I was happy with Nima but you wanted a grandson, she is my family also so how can I leave her? Sunita says she threw your son in the trashcan, I am your mother so I am telling you to choose one side only. Suresh says she didn’t do anything. Sunita says just choose one side and leave her. She leaves. Suresh sees Tulika calling him and says Ayi is right, I have to choose one boat and I know which one.

Nima is sadly sitting in her house. She sees Sia looking at the toys Suresh brought from the window. Nima says don’t cry, I will bring better toys soon. Sia says you got angry at baba, what if he doesn’t ever come back? Everyone’s baba brings gifts for their kids so why can’t he? Nima says you won’t understand, let’s go to sleep.

Nima is sleeping in her house when heavy rain starts. She wakes up to see water coming into her house. Baaky calls Nima and says Maaji has given you an off today so don’t come. Nima says okay.

Suresh is sleeping when he gets a message. He checks to see that his shooting was canceled. He comes to Sunita who is trying to calm Varun down. Suresh goes to close the window when he sees Nima throwing water out of her house in the buckets. Suresh tells Sunita that I have to go to the shooting, I can’t take an off. Sunita says we need money so go to work. Suresh leaves.

Nima is trying to seal the leakage on the roof. She stands on the stool but disbalances. She is about to fall down but Suresh comes there and catches. The water fall over them. Nima asks him to put her down. The kids laugh at them. Suresh hugs his daughters. Nima smiles but then controls herself. She sends the kids to another room. She says I told you to not meet me, leave us alone. Suresh says you want me to leave you alone in this rain? Nima says I have had to face worst than rain and you left us. Suresh says I am guilty but I love you and my daughters, please give me a chance. Nima says I don’t want to get trapped again so please leave. Suresh says you think I am a plumber, I can help you with this water leakage, please let me. Nima looks on. Suresh stands on the stool and applies tape on the roof. Suresh gets a call from Tulika but ignores it. Nima helps him taping the roof.

Tulika calls Sunita and asks why isn’t Suresh picking up my call? Sunita says he has gone to work and it’s raining heavily. Tulika says okay. Sunita says just focus on your father’s health, she ends the call.

Suresh tells Nima that the leakage won’t happen temporarily but I will get the work done properly later on. Nima says thank you for the help but I will manage it. Just please leave as Sia is still confused. Go from here. Suresh says why do you treat me like a stranger, they are my daughters and my responsibility. I know you don’t trust me but please give me another chance. Nima says leave it, we are already separated. Suresh writes Nima’s name on his hand. He then asks her to choose one fist. Nima says I have forgotten these childish acts, I am begging you to leave. Suresh says I will keep standing in the rain till you understand that I am on the right track, I am still crazy in love with you. I will be outside your house till you forgive me. He leaves from there. Nima looks on.

It’s raining heavily but Suresh is standing in the rain in front of Nima’s house. Nima looks at him and closes the window. She cries. Mania comes out of the house and offers and an umbrella to Suresh but he smiles and says no. Nima is trying to ignore him but she comes to the window and sadly looks at him standing in the rain. Suresh started shivering but doesn’t leave. Nima comes there with an umbrella and offers her hand. He smiles and holds her hand. Sunita sees Nima taking Suresh to her house. Sunita says what should I do? I can’t drag him back. What will I tell Tulika? She will go crazy. She dreams of Tulika strangling her. Sunita says what if she takes Varun away? I won’t let Suresh do this. She calls Tulika and says Suresh has gone mad, come back and handle your house. She tells her everything. Tulika says let’s see when he will come back, I want to see who he will choose this time.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2021
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