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Nima Denzongpa 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Nima Denzongpa 14th September 2021 Suresh mistakenly calls Tulika as Nima. She angrily leaves.

Suman gives last night’s food to Nima to take home. She gives an old phone to her and says you asked for my permission before calling but Maaji scolded you. Just take this, it has some balance also. Nima thanks her and leaves.

Suresh and Tulika are on the bus. Nima gets on the bus too. Tulika sees her and says if I am daydreaming again? She asks Suresh to ignore her. Nima doesn’t see them as it’s dark.

Tulika comes home. Sunita asks what did you bring for me? Tulika gives her a small mop and says it’s for you. I know you have been cribbing about mopping. Sunita says you are cruel. Tulika says Suresh will soon forget Nima. Tulika gets a call and says what? She is stunned. Sunita asks what happened? Tulika says my father had an accident. He is serious so I have to go. She cries and says how can I leave? Sunita says you are worried about Nima here? Tulika says this girl always brings problems in my life. Sunita says he is your father so you have to go. Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on Nima, Suresh is yours and will be yours. I won’t let Suresh near her. Tulika looks on.

In the morning, Suresh brings Tulika to a bus stop and says don’t worry about anything. Just take care of your father. Tulika asks him to take care of Varun. Suresh says don’t worry. Tulika says you remember your promise? Don’t do any mistakes. He nods. She leaves. Suresh sees Nima going from there, he follows her.

Nima comes to Suman’s house to work. Suresh follows her but the guard stops him. Baaky comes there and asks who are you? He says I want to meet that girl. The guard says she works here. Baaky asks him to get lost. Suresh leaves.

Sunita is taking care of Varun but he keeps crying. Sunita pleads him to stop crying. The phone rings, Tulika asks how is my son? Sunita says he is totally fine, I am taking care of him. She asks about her father. Tulika says he is serious. She asks about Nima. Sunita says Suresh went to work and is ignoring her, don’t worry. Tulika says good and ends the call.

Baaky comes to Maaji and says a man came to look for Nima. She is bringing men around here? Maaji calls Nima. Baaky shows her Suresh sitting outside the house. Nima is stunned. Baaky asks who is he? It seems like you know him. Maaji says we are good people and can’t have affairs going on here, you will be fired so shoo him away.

Nima comes outside the house. She glares at Suresh and asks why are you here? This is our last hope so don’t spoil it. Suresh says I am just sorry, can you forgive me please? Nima says I told you that you were helpless, it was my fate so leave me alone now, if it makes you feel better then you are forgiven. Just leave me and my kids alone. Never come back here again. She goes back to her house.

Nima comes to her house and sees toys and food in the house for the kids. She asks the neighbor Rupa if you brought all this? She says no, Suresh came here and says his daughters are his responsibility so he left all this here. Nima looks on.

Suresh and Sunita sit to have food. They hear some noise. Nima brings all the items Suresh brought to their house. Sunita asks what is all this? Nima says to ask her son, she leaves.

Sunita scolds Suresh and says why did you take all these items to her? Suresh says they are my daughters also. They are my responsibility, it pains me to see them like this. Sunita says think about Tulika, she is your son’s mother. You have to choose one boat otherwise you will drown.

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