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Nima Denzongpa 14th July 2022 Alok says everything was taken from me and given to Virat. I was treated like a step child. I had to tell him about spending a penny. He took everything from me.

That is why I planned that accident. Nima says you kept him alive because you still have love for him right? Alok says I wanted him to die. I wanted to rule the world. He made a will and I got to know I won’t get anything.

Then I found him and kept him here. Virat says you should have asked me. Alok says why should I ask it’s mine anywhere. So I replaced him with fake Virat. It’s all twisted now. Who wants to die first? Nima says please don’t do this. 

Virat fights with Alok. He hits him to get the gun. The gun gets shot. Alok falls. The gun is in Nima’s hand. Priyal says you killed Alok? She says no.. Police come outside. Virat takes the gun. Police arrest him. Nima says he didn’t do anything.

Virat runs. NIma asks Priyal to tell them they didn’t do anything. Priyal says Nima shot him. Inspector says we saw it all. There’s not doubt. He also ran from here. 

Scene 2
Nima comes to Sunita’s house. Sunita asks what happened? Nima cries. Sunita asks what happened? Nima tells her everything how Alok planned to kill them. Sunita says what.. Nima says I didn’t shoot him. I don’t know how the gun came into my hand.

Virat took the blame on himself. Who called the police I don’t know. I have lost Virat again. I don’t know where he is. Sunita asks her to go home and tell Gulshan everything.

Gulshan cries at home looking at a picture. Nima comes in. Gulshan slaps her. Nima is shocked. She says don’t call me your mom. You killed both of my sons. Nima says no.. that’s not true. Priyal says stop lying.

Nima says where is Mona? Priyal says you sent her to jail. Nima says Alok did all this. Priyal says so you killed him? You took Gulshan’s son and Mona’s husband. Nima says you know I didn’t shoot. Gulshan says Virat is also missing. You’re a curse to us. You took both my sons. Why didn’t you get shot? Get lost from here.

Nima says call the police. I am ready to get arrested. Priyal says you got Virat blamed already. Gulshan cries. Priyal handles her. Nima goes to the police station. Roy calls Priyal. She says don’t dare to call me again. I only love Virat. You are not Virat. She blocks him. Priyal says how do I tell di.

Scene 3
Nima goes to the police station. They say we are keeping an eye on you. Nima says my husband didn’t do anything. We were trying to snatch the gun. He says we know you’re saying this to save him. He also fled. We are all looking for him.

Go home now. Nima asks who informed them and how did they come here? He says are you investigating the police? We got a complaint. They call their master and tell him Nima was going to the real police.

They pretended to be police and have their guys keeping an eye on her as police. Alok is on the other side, he says I will take everything from Virat. No one should doubt you’re not real police. Get a dead body and do its funeral as Alok.

Nima is worried for Virat. Virat calls her. Nima asks where is he? He says I am hidden. It’s very complicated. I am hidden. i am fine. I will find a way out. Nima says I will get you back.

Scene 4
Alok funeral starts. A person comes there with face covered. Chinkey cries. Priyal says you did this Nima. You killed my brother. The person is Alok. Nima sees the person with face covered. She stops him. Nima asks who are you? He leaves. The fake police come. Pandit ji says we have to see his face. The police say his postmortem is done. We can’t see his face. Nima says that’s for his family to decide she asks pandit ji to take the sheet off Alok’s face.

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