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Nima Denzongpa 13th May 2022 Priyal sits with Nima. Virat screams. Priyal is scared. Virat says Priyal why did you do this? She imagines it. Priyal shouts Virat open the door. He comes out and says what happened? She goes in. She locks the washroom door. Virat says what are you doing? She drains all the facewash. Virat asks what happened? She says I need to use.

Paras asks Maniya what happened? She recalls the role was about a mother. She hugs him and says I panicked and my emotions flew. That role reminded me I can never be a mom. Paras hugs her and says we can fix it. She says I know how to fix it. I’ve decided to go for surrogacy. He says that’s a huge decision. He says will you support me?

Scene 2
Varun calls Chinkey on video. He’s calling from an office. It’s just a set. She says you’re in office? It looks so nice. Show me around. Varun is scared. He looks around. Sunita asks what is this? He cuts the call and says I was giving online interviews. She says don’t lie to me. I know you were talking to a girl. Don’t do this drama with me.

Virat says to Nima doctor asked you to do best rest. She says I will make Krish eat and then rest. Krish says no maa only rest. VIrat says I will take off today to take care of you both. He calls his office and says I will work from him. His manager says we have a very important meeting. Nima says please go to work.

He says family is everything. Nima says okay then I will stand. He says okay I will go to work. Priyal says my plan always fails. Bell rings. Mona opens the door. It’s sunita with a bag. Mona says you here? She says Virat asked me to come and stay with Nima. Move aside. She goes upstairs. Priyal says no her poor relatives with live with us?

The servant gives Nima juice. she says I just had it. He says Virat has ordered. Sunita comes and says you have to drink it. Virat sent me to take care of you. Nima says he’s worrying for no reason. She says we want to take care of you.

virat video calls and asks did you drink the juice? He says don’t lie. Sunita makes her drink it. Sunita says don’t worry. I won’t even let her move. Sunita says well done. She says let’s play ludo with Krish. Nima says aai I am so happy you came. SHe says Virat was very worried about you.

Nima says thank you. They talk about Maniya’s decision. Nima says isn’t it a big decision? Sunita own blood is onw. Krish hears it. Nima says relation you have with your own blood is never the same as an outside. Mona sees Krish getting upset. Nima says it’s not like that. Krish is like my own child.

Priyal sprays around the house. Mona tells Priyal how upset Krish is. Gulshan comes and says there’s so much smell. Mona says Nima’s aai came here with her stuff. It’s stinking. Gulshan says how dare she come here with her cheap stuff.

Scene 3
Maniya and Paras decide to go to the clinic. She thanks him for always supporting him.
Sunita says let me see where Krish went. She goes to see him. Gulshan stops Sunita. She collides with her.

Gulshan says sorry I didn’t see you. Gulshan says you broke my phone. Sunita says sorry. Gulshan says you are not even worth touching it. Nima says you can’t talk to my mom like that.

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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
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