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Nima Denzongpa 12th May 2022 Mona collides with Nima. Mona says can’t you see? Nima says you could see too. Mona says Nima how dare you.. I know Priyal did a mistake but don’t try to play your game to trap Virat. Nima says you think about others how you are. I know you put Krish’s parents in his room.

I know you hate him. You thought it was the best chance to send him away. Relations are made with love. See how their relationship became stronger. Mona says you’re still a maid. Nima says I know who I am, you don’t dare to play with Krish’s emotions ever again. Nima sees Virat. She says you didn’t sleep? He says every year this night I stay with my brother and SIL. But this time open, and in peace. All because of you. Nima says can I sit with you? He says yes.

Scene 2
Chinkey calls Varun. She says let’s video call? His friends tell him to come with them. His friend says I have a solution of your video call. Virat and Nima drink coffee. He drinks from her cup by mistake. They talk all night.

They laugh and talk about many things. Nima cuts her clothes in anger. She says I am tired of doing everything. Virat only likes that Nima now. Mona hugs her. Mona says see how I cut this Nima’s wings. Priyal says I am so tired. She has a relationship with Virat. I’ve lost him. Mona says no we can’t give up. Krish doesn’t know how it feels to be a stepson. Make sure you create a distance between Nima and Krish.

The maids come in the morning. Virat is asleep in Nima’s lap. The maids giggle. Virat says what’s so funny? Focus on your work. Nima leaves. The maids say Nima is so pretty. She’s so nice too. Priyal shouts at them and says go clean my room.

Scene 3
Paras tells Babita Maniya went for audition. She said she wants to go alone. I am sure she will do her best. Maniya calls him. She’s sobbing. Paras asks are you okay? She says Paras please come here. She’s crying. Paras rushes there.

Priyal says Nima Krish is calling you. Nima comes to Krish’s room. He’s asleep. Priyal mixes something in Nima’s facewash. Nima comes back to her room. Priyal has gone. Nima uses her facewash. She screams. Virat comes to Nima’s room and says are you okay? He tries to break the door. They open the door.

Nima is slipped inside. She says I picked facewash and my foot twisted. Virat picks her. Priyal says my plan always fails. Priyal says she always wins. Mona says but she is in pain. Alok calls the doctor. Virat picks Nima up and takes her to bed. He applies cream on her foot. Nima says thank you, you take so much care of me.

He says you take care of everyone. He puts cream on his face by mistake. Nima laughs. Priyal looks at them in anger. She says are you okay Nima? Ice pack. Virat says you apply it. Let me wash my face. Priyal is scared Virat might use Nima’s face. He screams from the washroom.

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Telecast Date:12th May 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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