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Nima Denzongpa 12th July 2022 Nima says our Virat ji is back. God listened to us. Alok is shocked. Nima says police found him in a village near Sikin. The villagers took care of him. Virat hugs him. Alok says what game are you playing with me?

Virat says what game? He meets Gulshan. Gulshan says you are acting like we’re meeting after years. Virat says I was missing you. Nima says to Alok I told everything. Thank you, your support made this possible. Alok says this is Roy for sure.

This can’t be Virat. Virat comes to his room and thanks him for supporting Nima. He says I didn’t think Mona could stoop so low. She made that man live in my house, my room. Alok says don’t do this drama. I know you’re Roy, not Virat.

Virat says your doubt is okay. You’ve been fooled by Roy already. Virat tells him their childhood stories. Alok wonders how does Virat know it?

Alok says to Nima we’re making a mistake. I think this man is Roy, not Virat. He is fooling us again. Nima says the police left him here. You said Roy was arrested already. Alok says he can’t be Virat. Nima says why? He says because Virat I.. My heart is agreeing. Nima says my heart says it’s Virat.

He says let’s test him again with Kesar. Nima gives Virat food. She added Kesar to it. Alok waits. Virat starts coughing and choking. Nima gives him water and anti-allergy. She says are you okay? He says who added Kesar to the food? Nima says I am sorry it got mixed. He says relax, it’s okay. Alok says in heart enough of his drama.

Scene 2
Mona and Priyal cry in the jail. Mona says we did so many bad things that we’re getting blamed for something we didn’t even do. No one will come to save us. The warden says someone sent this food for you. They read a chit on it. It says I know you both are innocent, you both will be out of jail soon. Priyal says who could that be? She says I don’t know.

Chinkey cries. Nima says why are you crying? She says now can mom leave for Dehli like this? Is she mad at me? I am very scared. Mom isn’t picking up my phone. Nima says no you’re a very good daughter. God will fix everything. Virat comes to Alok. Alok says sorry I didn’t welcome you as I should have. So much was going on, I was doubting everything.

Virat says it’s okay. Alok says let’s have a drink. Virat says I am not in the mood. Alok says one drink with your brother? Virat says okay then. He drinks one glass and says enough. Alok says let’s have more?

I feel very lonely. Alok makes him drink more. Virat says you are very clever. Alok says why? He says I can’t tell you that. Alok throws a drink in his face. Virat screams in my eyes.. Alok says he will have to take lenses off now. Virat washes his face and says what did you do? Who does this? You are drunk.

Nima comes home. She says did you drink? He says yes a bit. Nima says I was waiting for you. He says I am sorry. Virat says we will only think about happy things now. He comes close to kiss her. Alok stands outside to hear. He says is this really Virat?

Nima locks the door and says he’s gone. Stop your drama now Roy. He says I am not interested either. He made me drink but I changed the glass. He threw a drink in my face. My eyes were burning but I am stuck. Nima says I am stuck and I have to make this plan work with you. I never thought I would have to do this. I got to know Alok’s reality. She heard him talking to Roy that night.

Nima says I knew only you can get him caught. She told him she can give him money but also get Priyal out for him. She said I knew everything about you and I can get you arrested. If he didn’t want that she can save him from the police. He said why will I trust you? Nima said because I am not a cheat like you. Nima says Alok is keeping an eye on you. Be careful. Alok will try something new tomorrow.

Scene 3
At the breakfast table, Alok keeps looking at Virat. Gulshan asks what happened? Nima says everything is fine now, let’s bring Krish back. Gulshan says you are right. I will also go to pick him up. Virat says we will all go. I will wrap things from work. Alok says I will also come with you. Virat says don’t worry I am back I will handle the work. You chill. Gulshan says he’s right.

Sia says to Shiv you don’t have to listen to Virat’s anything bad. I don’t know why he called you back now. Shiv says I will let you know once I meet him. Virat says to his managers I made some wrong decisions and I wanna apologize to you all.

We won’t sell our factories. Shiv comes in. He says I wanna thank Shiv for his honesty. He stood for these companies. I salute his bravery. I am making him head of the new unit. Everyone claps for him. Roy calls Nima and tells her updated all the employees. He says I am sick of that Shiv. He’s so smart.

I feel dumb. Nima says are you drinking again? You’ve to be careful. You are Virat. What if someone sees you? He says no one is here. Nima says do as I say. Alok comes to the office. He sees Roy there throwing his smoke on the floor. Alok calls someone.

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