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Nima Denzongpa 10th May 2022 Virat says sorry I got emotional. Nima says showing emotions is a good thing. You can always talk to me. Priyal comes. Nima leaves. Virat gives Nima money. SHe says I can spend on Krish. He says keep it please. Nima says thank you. Priyal says let’s go for pooja. Maniya gets a call for audition.

Paras says you should definitely go. Maniya says thank you. I am very excited. The pooja starts. Krish and Nima are at the park. Krish plays. He asks for ice cream. Nima asks him to stay there. Priyal tells her goon. Nima gets candies for Krish. She keeps an eye on him. Krish plays with a kid. The shopkeeper goes to get change.

A woamn cries and says I will kill myself. she’s about to slit her wrist. Nima stops her. Krish is playing with the kids. He sees Nima isn’t around. He panics. Krish looks around for Nima. He starts crying.

Nima says let me call police. The woman says don’t call anyone. Stay here. A man asks Krish what’s your dad’s name? You know your address? We can drop you. Krish says Virat Sethi. The man says I know where he lives. I can drop you.

Nima says to the woman let me get you water. The woman acts crazy and says I will kill myself. Nima throws water on her and looks for Krish. He’s not in the park. Nima screams. She asks shopkeeper. No one knows where Krish is. The pooja ends. Mona asks Priyal why didn’t Krish come? She says he’s on his way.

The man asks Krish is this your home? He says yes. Bell rings. Priyal opens the door. The man comes in with Krish. Priyal says Krish.. You here? Are you okay? Virat asks what’s happening? Krish hugs him and cries. Virat says where is Nima? Nima is looking around for Krish. She cries. The man tells Krish was lost. They found him and found your address. A woman was with her but then she left. Virat thanks him.

Priyal pays the man later. Mona says how could Nima be so careless? It could be so dangerous. Virat says something must have happened. I hope she’s okay. Mona says if anything happened to Krish what face would we show to these two? Krish looks at his parent’s photo. Virat calls Nima. She cries and says Krish is nowhere. He says Krish is home with us. Relax. Nima rushes home.

Scene 2
Shiv is worried about his mom. Sia says you should go there. I can stay here for my job. We can manage this together. He says you’re so nice. I am very lucky. She says go, your mom needs you. Mona says our Krish is so scared. Their blessings are with Krish. Krish sees his parent’s photo. He sees flashbacks and panics.

He removes Virat’s hand. Krish breathes heavily. Virat hugs Krish and says relax. Alok removes the photo. THey give Krish water. Virat says relax. Nothing happened. Alok says what will we do now?

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Telecast Date:10th May 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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