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Nima Denzongpa 10th August 2022 Nima tells Sunita he was my Virat but he doesn’t remember anything. Sujata says I was so worried. I thought I lost my Manav for a second. Thank God he doesn’t remember anything. Thank God the police didn’t have a wallet too. Sunita says it could be Virat’s doppelganger.

Roy also looked like Virat. Nima says when I saw Roy I knew he wasn’t my Virat. When I saw him my heart knew it was our Virat. I can’t see it wrong. Aai says to Sujata you’re my daughter, I don’t want your heart to be broken. Sujata says that won’t happen. Manav loves me. He will be with me. I love manav.

Nothing will happen. She asks where is Manav? Sujata says I sent him for work. Sunita says to Nima she’s thinking too much. She says you have to be calm. You might have seen right or wrong. But just think with a calm mind. Let me get food ready.

Scene 2
Manav drives his rickshaw. He can’t recall anything. It starts raining. Nima comes outside the house. She picks the saree Virat gave her. Nima says where are you Virat ji.. I miss you so much. It flies and falls on Manav. He says why do I feel so incomplete. Nima sits down and cries.

Nima cooks in the morning. Sunita asks who are you cooking for? Nima says I know I saw my Virat ji tomorrow. I will test it. I will see if he recalls anything after tasting this food.

Scene 3
Tushar sits with his goons. He says the police came yesterday, I thought it was for me but it was for my sister’s husband. He’s very innocent though. Nima comes there and asks them if they know Sujata. He says the one who wears a lot of makeup and her mom right? She’s my sister. Nima says sorry I didn’t want to offend her.

I only came to say thanks to her. They laugh. Manav comes and asks what’s happening here. Tushar says we were just joking. He says she wants to meet your wife. Nima and Virat sneeze together. Virat says sorry. She says bless you. He says I was in rain last night so I caught a cold. Nima says so did I.

He says I had to return your purse. Nima says thank you. She says do you remember me? He says you met an accident from my rickshaw. Nima says, Virat Ji. I am Nima. He says I am Manav. Sujata says what’s happening here?

Nima is at Sujata’s place. She sneezes and so does Manav. Nima says I came to say thanks to you all for saving my life. So I made momos for you all. Aai and Sujata can’t understand what it is. Manav says thank you. Sujata says thank you. Nima says I would love it if you let me serve your family. Sujata brings plates.

Nima serves the momos. Aai says this is very tasty. Manav eats them. He says these momos are class but this chutney is out of the world just like you. Nima recalls he used to say the same. Sujata is shocked.

Aai says Manav watches english movies. Manav says no no. Sujata says we have a lot of work. thanks for coming. Nima leaves. Nima says I really liked you all. Is there any place here in this street on rent? Manav says the house in front of us is empty. Sujata says no someone came there already. Nima goes out and looks at that house.

Nima tells Sunita. Sunita is shocked. Nima says he said the same words. I don’t know why he can’t recognize me. Is his mind injured? But I am there in his heart. Sunita says but he has a wife. He’s Manav Deshmuk. Nima says I will find answers. I know this is my Virat ji. Nima says I have a plan.

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