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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 16th October 2020 Prabha asks Kanaki to look at Subhi as he looks very sad. Janaki calls Subhash and asks if he byhearted poem. Subhash says no. Janaki says he should concentrate on byhearting peom. Tauji says Janaki is right, Junior Lord Anderson Fraser loves knowledge and helps people with knowledge. Sarath hopes he finds solution for people’s problems and stops doing injustice. Junior Lord Anderson Fraser reaches Cuttack. Richardson with Mukund greets him. Junior Lord Anderson Fraser identifies them and each officer by name and says they have a very important meeting and he wants everyone to assemble in sometime till he freshens up. Mukund is impressed by his knowledge. Fraser asks if Ananth is caught or not. Mukund gets more impressed.

Anupama removes bullet from Ananth’s leg with hot knife. Ananth writhes in pain. She thinks of shifting him to a nearby swadesi’s house. Next morning, they both disguised as muslim couple walk in Cuttack. Ananth says he cannot walk further. She says he has to and she will take him to her house.. They see police coming followed by a few muslims. She joins muslims and when police asks where are they going, she says her husband’s wound is not healing since 6 months, so she is taking him to dargah. Police lets them go.

Junior Lord Anderson Fraser takes charge of office and asks Richardson if he is nervous. Richardson says he is tensed regarding Ananth as he is troublesome to them. Fraser says his problem is not Ananth, but Charles losing against Indian Mr. Bose’s son; their problem is public pleader Bose and not Ananth. Richardson agrees. Tauji with Janaki and others walks in and asks Mukund to let them in as they have come to felicitate Fraser. Mukund takes Fraser’s permission and lets them in. Fraser welcomes them. Tauji says they are from samithi and have come to felicitate him. He introduces himself and is about to introduce Janaki when Fraser says he knows Mr Bose who won many cases for British. Janaki thinks Fraser must have seen his pic and must be knowing a lot about him. Tauji and Fraser’s discussion continues. Tauji invites Fraser, Richardson and officers for dinner and leaves with everyone.

Subhash tries to byheart poem but is unable to. He rests on bed and reminisces his brothers’ confidence on him, then gets up and starts practicing poem again. Anupama takes Ananth towards her home. Ananth hesitates and says he cannot go there. Anupama says his mother has gone out, so he can live in her room hiding. Sarath hides news paper in a book and reads it. Satish walks in and speaks in Janaki’s voice. Sarath gets afraid. Satish says he knows that he reads ugantar news paper and attends swadesi meetings. Sarath says British are sidelining them in their own country, he cannot tolerate that. Satish asks him to close the door and says baba is having high hopes on him and he shouldn’t disappoint baba. Sarath via windows sees someone entering house and asks who is it. Anu shows her face and signals not to tell anyone. Sarath sends Satish out and walking to Anu asks what is happening. Ananth joins them. Anu informs that Ananth is injured, so she brought him here to keep him in Chacha’s room. Sarath helps Ananth reach room and asks why did police shot him. Ananth says because he tried to speak for his motherland. Sarath says that means he is a swadesi, if anyone knows about it in this house. Ananth says Anu. Anu walks in. Sarath says even Anu is swadesi. Ananth says one more person knows about it. Subhash walks in.


Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarath sees Ananth in his house and identifying him as swadesi ask if anyone knows him in this house. Ananth says Anupama and Subhash.

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Telecast Date:16th October 2020
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