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Nazar 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Saavi and Naman run. Naman lays down. She says they were Venvetals. I read about them. She says if you knew about them why did you bring me here? She says I didn’t know they live here. What if they attack Ansh and Piya? Naman says they have powers. Venvetals says your sister and her husband are in our control.

Everyone is looking for Dufli. Nishant says there are two old trees. Dufli must be there. Dufli is on the road. Ansh and Piya come to Saavi and Naman. Ansh says I told you not to give him a lift? Saavi says you give him a lift? Ansh says your sister. Naman and says you had to bow in front of wife anyway. Piya says because of that we got to know they’re stuck. Ansh says it was all your idea but you won’t accept your mistake. Saavi says what idea? Piya says nothing. The Venvetals come near him. Naman says we don’t know what to do. They will each us. Ansh says we aren’t normal humans. Naman says we have a devik, davansh and two Rivawanshi. Piya says let us go and we won’t harm you.

Vedeshree is looking for Dufli. She isn’t near the tree. Nishant says this means she’s near the other tree where Shekhar and Chetali went.

Ansh and Piya attack the Venvetals. They disappear and come on the other side. Their leader says we control everything here. Try to control the trees, you’re devik right? Piya tries. Nothing happens. Venvetals says see, everything happens according to us here. Ansh says what do you want? Naman says our tikka. Venvetals’ leader says we want you all to become a part of us. Either be a victim.

Avi and Chetali see Dufli on a road. A truck comes towards her. They run to save her. She jumps in the truck. Venvetals’ leader says we want you to be one of us. We want to increase our quantity. Saavi says we won’t kill people. Ansh says what if we don’t. The leader says you can’t run from us. Your powers won’t work here. You can’t even run because we are faster. Naman says let us think. Saavi says yes give us some time.

Scene 2
The doctor sees the root growth. He says is she actually a witch.
Saavi says we have to do something. Ansh says they will kill us. Our powers aren’t working. Piya holds his hand and says we will find a new solution. Piya says because of my idea everyone’s in trouble. Saavi says what idea? Piya says I thought you would come closer like me and Ansh. Saavi says how can you? Ansh says it’s okay. They keep coming close. The leader asks what have you decided? They read the mantra together. Venvetals scream and fall down. Naman says run.

Scene 3
Nishant says now Dufli will go anywhere she likes. She would only come back if Naman takes her name thrice. Vedeshree says we promised Naman that we would take care of Dufli. Vedeshree says to the kids it’s all because of you. Nishant says it’s okay. Go to your room. We will find Dufli.

Saavi screams. A Venvetal grasps her hand. Naman shoves him and says run. The Venvetal attacks Naman. Naman falls down. Ansh screams. The leader says you thought our powers won’t work outside the jungle? Naman says this is the time for me to repent my sins. Naman attacks their leader. Piya says Naman, he will kill you. Saavi says please do something. The leader says you’re making a mistake. Naman says you all run. Saavi picks and arrow and shoots him. He falls down. Naman runs. Saavi says are you okay? Are you crazy? Why did you risk your life? What if something happened. Saavi hugs him.

Nazar 3rd February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohana comes in front of Rathores and says you wanted to run from me? I came after you.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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