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Nazar 30th January 2020 Episode Start With Naman sits in the car. Piya puts stuff in their car. Saavi says what is all this luggage? Saavi says we might need it. It pushes Naman closer to Saavi.

The kids are playing. Vedeshre asks the kids to play with Dufli. Ansh says Piya, you’re making it awkward. She says to stop the car. Ansh stops the car and says car is hot. It broke down. She says you both should go and get coolant. There’s a garage outside the jungle. Saavi says you two should go. Ansh says we have to stay here with the car. Ansh says to be careful.

Saavi says why did I come here. I am stuck. Why did you say yes? He says I left Dufli too. Saavi says you said yes. Naman says they’re your family. You could say no. Piya says how good was my idea. They would spend time alone and their romance would move forward. Ansh says what if they get into trouble. Naman falls. He sees a skull and bones. Naman says Saavi see this? They’re shocked. Saavi says this is a human skull.

Mohana hits people in the hospital. She breaks stuff and says I want my powers back. The doctor says please calm down. They take her inside.

Pari says we will hide and seek. Dufli disappears. The kids see her in another place. Pari says hide at a place where it is difficult to find you. Dufli disappears.
Saavi and Naman see some people. They have dangerous pictures. Saavi says e were looking for a garage. They say there is no garage there. Naman says we will go back to our car. A man stops Ansh’s car. Piya says someone needs help. One of them says my car broke. Would you help drop me towards the road? Ansh says sure. There’s a skull in his car.

The doctor says please sit down. We will give you your powers. She says Patmayan told you? He says I would want to see your powers. Mohana says I lost powers because of your medicine. The doctor says how would we know if it happened because of our medicine? She says let me call the witch tree. The doctor says there’s no such thing. The doctor says take these medicines. Mohana says so I would become a normal human? She throws them. Mohana picks a knife and says you are fooling me. I am an aikain. I will kill you. They grasp her and take her to the bed. The doctor sees roots coming out of the floor. He says I never saw these before?

Naman says they aren’t letting us go. Piya says their leader went to find Piya di and Ansh. Piya asks were you camping here? He says I come here so often that it feels like home. Ansh says are you a human? He says are you here for camping as well? Piya says no we came here to bring my sister and a guy closer.

The kids tell everyone that they can’t find Dufli. Nishant says Naman takes her name and she comes back. But she isn’t here. I have to inform him. Naman says we have to run. Saavi says they would come after us.
The man disappears from the car. Piyas ays where did he go? He comes in front of their car and says your death is here. He pulls Piya out.

Nishant says if Dufli likes a photo goes there. Nishant sees Ansh and Adi’s photo from jungle. Nishant says Pari might have went there. Let’s go. He rushes out.
Ansh comes out of the car. Piya tries to attack him. He says Saavi and Naman are in our control.


Nazar 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Ansh says they eat human. The darcula says do you want to be one of us or our victim?

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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