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Nazar 28th January 2020 Episode Start With Nishant wakes up. He says Ayush what are you doing? Please stop. Ayush says I will kill them in front of you. Piya says Ansh we have to get out of here. They are tied. Vedeshree says how is she more powerful than you both. Piya says how did we come here? Ansh says I am forgetting something. Ansh says why have you brought us here. Mohana says get on this thing. It will take you somewhere you won’t come back from. Moon. She shoves them on a boat.

Ayush brings the real family in front of the moon. He says I am the King of black powers to move them from my way forever. Nishant says stop it Ayush. Ayush says their souls will go to the moon and I will destroy their bodies. No one will bring them back. Mohana says once you’re on the moon, no one would bring you back. Nishant says I have to inform Ansh that they’re dreaming.

Piya says Ansh we have to stop this boat. Shekhar says it’s going towards the moon. Ansh says Piya try your powers. It doesn’t work. Mohana says your powers won’t work here. Ansh says this jar. I know it’s important but for what? Piya says to open it. It glows. Nishant sees it glowing. He says I have to do something. Nishant is tied. He tries to pick the jar. Ansh says why isn’t anything happening. Vedeshree says this boat is about to reach the moon. Please do something Ansh. Ansh says this jar is useless. Let me trun it off. It glows and shows them the house where they’re sleeping. Nishant says Ansh, you’re sleeping. You’re in a dream. It’s a dream only. Your real bodies are here. Ayush takes the jar from him and says you’re my dad. Stop helping them. Nishant says they know they’re dreaming. No one can do anything. Ayush says I can. Because I am the King of black powers.

Ansh says we are dreaming. Mohana can control us because she knows we are dreaming. We are in the house. Mohana says you can’t do anything now. It’s too late. Nishant says I have to stop them from going to the moon. Please do something God. Pari says we can control this boat with our imagination. She tries to stop but. Mohana says you can’t stop it. Nishant releases himself. Ansh says we have to do something Piya. Ansh jumps off the boat. He flies. Mohana says he gave up. Ansh pushes the boat downwards. Ansh says it won’t go to the moon. I can control it. Ansh shoves it on the floor. They both fall down. Aysuh comes there. Ansh says so you did this? Mohana says he is the black powers King now. Piya says Ayush, is it because of me? Ansh says no it’s because of those extra powers. Piya says I spilled it. I am sorry Ayush. I should have been careful. Forgive me, please.

Scene 2
Saavi says Naman you haven’t eaten in two days. Naman says why can’t she come back? I did everything. Saavi says I know your pain. Nishant calls Saavi and says reach to Rathore house with Naman. Saavi says Naman let’s go. Naman doesn’t listen. Saavi says okay I will go alove.

Ayush says I am the king of black powers. It feels so good. Ansh says I have been in your shoes. I couldn’t know what is right what is wrong. Mohana says nothing is wrong for us. I will kill you both. Ayush says I will kill you all. Piya says you don’t need to take orders from Mohana. Chetali says why is she ordering you? Ayush says I am the King. I am not weak like you. I have no family. I will send you all to the moon? Ansh says okay if you want it we will go there.


Nazar 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohana says I wont’ have to see your face again. She sends them to the moon.

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Telecast Date: 28th January 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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