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Namak Issk Ka 8th January 2021 Rupa says you were saying something? She sees Roni and stops. Yug sees Roni. Kahani says I had to tell you.. my wedding is postponed. Rupa says without you our Yug won’t get married. Maybe that was written. she says Yug, Kahani is here. She says Kahani had to be a part of your wedding. She says Ronak.. She says he’s my husband Ronak. Kahani looks at him in anger. Rupa says this is Kahani, you didn’t meet her. He says hello. Kahani leaves with Rupa. He says in heart if Kahanitells Rupa, her heart would be broken.

Scene 2
Saroj says where is Gunjan? Gunjan comes in. Saroj says you look so pretty. Ronak says let’s start the function. Rupa comes in and says such a big betrayal? Roni is scared. Rupa comes to him and says I never thought you would do this to me. Was the starting function without me? Roni breathes. Rupa says let’s start the function now. Saroj says nothing is complete without you. Ronak says sorry.

The function starts. Kahani dances. Yug looks at her in anger. Iravati and Gunjan also dance with her. Gunjan keeps thinking about Iravati’s confession. She says this is the right time to steal the phone. She picks Iravati’s phone and hides it in her lehenga. Iravati dances with Saroj. Kahani dances around Yug and slips a letter in his pocket. Yug goes out and takes out the letter. Ronak looks at them. Irvati looks around for Gunjan.

Scene 3
Kahani comes to the room. She says Yug.. It’s Ronak. Kahani is scared. He says me, not Yug. Your husband to be.

Iravati plays the confession video and shows it to Ravi. She says no one can save her now. I will forward this message to my phone. Iravati comes there and says Gunjan.. When did you come here? My phone is with you. She says I found it downstairs. Iravati says I am glad yo brought it. I would be in trouble if anyone takes it. She takes her phone back. Gunjan says I will take this recording from you.

Kahani says you have fooled me enough. I will Yug everything. He grasps her arm. Kahani says leave my arm. He says let me hold it. You will never find anyone who loves me more than you. Not every family is happy with a love marriage. She says family men don’t consist of a wife and a child. Kahani says leave my hand. I will tell you everything about Yug. He says you only saw my love, not my craziness. I can cross all my limits for you. Kahani hits him and says don’t dare to touch me again. No one can stop me from telling the truth to Yug. She leaves.

Yug comes there. He opens the door. Yug says I am here tell me what you wanted to tell. Kahani goes back in and hugs Roni. Roni hugs her back. Yug is angry. Kahani is teary. She recalls she was about to leave, the police were with Lucky and Rani. Lucky and Rani were crying. Kahani says they were at home.. He says they were but my men took them. Kahani said but police.. Ronak said I took out your janamkundli and when I saw it closely I found a murder in my BIL’s hand. Thakur’s murder. Kahani is shocked. She says if you want to save Lucky, tell Yug I love Ronak.

Kahani says I wanted to tell you this, that I love Ronak. She hugs him again. Yug is teary. He recalls Kahani speaking about her character and saving Rupa’s life. He says in heart I was so wrong. A dancer can never have a character. He leaves. Rupa is coming upstairs. Yug pulls Kahani. Rupa sees them together. Rupa says what are you all doing here? Let’s go have food. Kahani says I have to leave. I have important work. She leaves. Rupa says in heart what’s going on between Yug and Kahani.

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