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Namak Issk Ka 7th January 2021 Yug starts driving. Kahani and kids are in the trunk. She says I have to meet Yug. She recalls what he said. Kahani says I got him so wrong. The car stops. Kahani comes out and says we are in Mumbai. Things would be fine now. She runs and sees Yug out of his car. Kahani says Yug.. But he doesn’t listen and sits in his car. He drives.d Kahani runs after the car but he drives away.

Kahani brings the kids back home. They are scared. Kahani says don’t worry. Let me bring something to eat. Door knocks. Kahani is scared. The goons are knocking the door. Roni says break the door. Kahani is scared. They try to break the door. They come in but no one is there. Roni asks them to look outside everywhere. The goon says she’s not here. Roni hits him and says life is one it won’t come back if I take it. Roni says I want my love back. Kahani and kids are hidden in the blacony. Kahani says only Yug can save us.

Scene 2
Yug comes home. He says where do I go and find them. Saroj says where were you? Everyone was looking for you. Roni says you came back? Yug is shocked to see him. Roni says wow. I looked for you everywhere. Then I got this tea. He says amazing tea ama. Yug looks at him in anger. He says people should be happy for each other not ruin it. Rupa says you were busy with work all night? He says I had to go out of city whole night. Yug wonders how is he back. Saroj asks Roni to see the list with him. Rupa asks Yug what’s wrong? She says you are too worried. He says all okay. Rupa says are you worried because of Kahani? Yug stops.

Kahani asks the kids to stay at the same place until she comes back. Kahani says I am going to end this story of lies. Take care of each other and don’t worry about me. She leaves.

Rupa says are you hiding something from me? You were all lost yesterday when Gunjan was talking. Are you happy with this wedding? Tell me if there’s anything. He says I am happy just worried because of work.

Yug comes to Roni and says you and Kahani were together. How did you come home and where is she? Kahani comes outside and says I have to meet Yug. Roni says Kahani? Let me tell you. Kahani is in the books. Go read them. Yug says I am not joking. He says when it’s about Kahani, I don’t joke either. Kahani sees them from the window. Kahani says in heart forgive me Yug, I couldn’t see Roni’s truth. The goons say Roni said if that girl comes, pick her before she enters the house. Kahani wonders how will she go inside. Some women come. Kahani covers her face and enters the house with them.

Saroj says dancers are here. Where are the bride and groom? Roni says I am here to have all the fun. Kahani is scared. He says in heart I am happy for you Yug even if you’re not happy for me.

Yug recalls what Roni said. Yug is worried. He comes out of his room. Saroj says what is wrong? Everyone was looking for you. What happened? He says Kahani prepared for the function.. Saroj says she’s also getting married. She would come to dance here leaving her wedding? Come downstairs, everyone is waiting. Saroj hugs him and says you’re all grown up.

Scene 3
Iravati gets Gunjan ready and says you look so beautiful. Everyone is waiting. Let’s go. Daugters grow up so fast. Gunjan says let me take papa ‘s blessings. He can’t come downstairs. Iravati says come fast. Gunjan looks at her phone and says you made a mistake. You should take evil eye off yourself. You will be struck by my evil. Today at sangeet, I will play get your confession. She looks at Rani and smiles. Gunjan holds his hand and says time to punish her papa.

Kahani is sneaking upstairs looking for Yug. Roni stops her. Kahani is scared. He says sangeet is downstairs. She nods. He says you can’t speak. She nods. He says oh okay, why are you hiding your face? Is it a theme? She nods. He says your ladies are there downstairs. Kahani leaves. Roni says stop. He says do you always wear this kind of dress? My true love also wears dresses like this. My love story started at the dressing room. Kahani is disgusted. He says listen, I am speaking and you’re not responding. At least show your face. Don’t worry, God has given me evil face but I am an innocent man. If you don’t show your face now, you will have to show it at the dance. Show it. Kahaani is about to take her ghunghat off. Rupa comes. She says what are you doing here? He says she’s lost. She’s from the dancer’s group. Rupa says let me take her.

Kahani goes downstairs with Rupa. Kahani stops her. Rupa says Kahani you? She says yes me. I have to tell you something very important. The locket you gave me, she says yeah I gave you the wrong one. But you had your wedding today. How did you come here? Did it get postponed? Everyone would be so happy to see you here. Kahani wonders why didn’t Yug tell Rupa? He is silent because doesn’t want to break her heart. I can’t tell her. I should tell Yug first. Yug comes downstairs and sees her.

Yug only sees her back. Roni comes from the other side and sees her face. He’s shocked. Rupa says what are you thinking? You were going to tell me something.

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