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Namak Issk Ka 6th January 2021 Kahani recalls what happened since she met Roni. She recalls him saying he was married earlier as wel. She recalls Yug being mad about her marriage. Roni says how do you like me? She says I was wrong about you. Now I know how you’re. I mean you are nice. Kahani says you’re cheating a devi like Rupa. But if say something right now Rani and Lucky would get in danger along with me. Yug calls Roni. Kahani says only Yug can help me. Kahani says I forgot the ring at home. Can I get back home?

Kahani asks a riddle. The kids get shocked. Kahani told them if I say this riddle, it’s my signal for danger. The kids realize. They get scared. Lucky pretends that he can’t breathe. He pretends to get an attack. Rani starts crying. Kahani says check the bag. She says please take us to a medical store. He goes to the medical store. Lucky asks is he like Thakur? Kahani asks the kids to run. They run from the car.

Roli is going to the store. Yug asks where are you? He says where I should be. But what you did to me, you blocked my account and card. It’s all waste. You forget I am your elder brother. I have so much money I can do 80 weddings. Do whatever you want.

Scene 2
At the house, everyone is preparing for the wedding. Saroj asks Kali to arrange flowers. She stops Yug and says where is Ronak? Yug looks at her in shock.

Yug asks Saraoj if she has KAhani’s number. He wants it for dance. She gives him.

Roni comes with the cylinder. No one is in the car. He looks around. Kahani and kids hide. He says Lucky.. Rani.. Kahani. Kahani is scared. Kahani says we need someone’s help. We can’t hide. I have to call Yug. She forgot her phone in the car. Kahani says oh God. What will happen now. Yug calls Kahani. Roni says why is he calling Kahani? He cuts the call. Roni says run, I will see where you can go.

Scene 3
Gunjan says Yug come, I will show you something. She shows him bangles. Yug says I have to make an important call. He leaves. Rupa says it’s okay. Gunjan says he doesn’t give me attention. Rupa says he’s not interested in these things. Gunjan says he should have interest in me at least. Rupa says he loves you. Can’t show it. Go to salon. I will handle everything. Gunjan hugs her and says you’re the best.

Roni says where are you? Where do I look for you? I lost my true love. He sees the locket and says oh.. she ran and left it here. He sees the pictures. He laughs and says I don’t get it what is the problem of wife’s with their husband’s happiness.

Scene 4
Iravati makes a video and says I, Iravati confess all my crimes. 15 years ago I attempted to murder my husband and killed Thakur. I am responsible for his condition. Gunjan is outside and says papa will get justice. She will have to confess. She leaves. Iravati says when you have to catch the mouse, you have to give a trap. This confession will bring out my enemy.

Rupa asks Yug you look worried. He says I am okay. I have a business deal. She says have food. He says no if I stay I would lose a lot.

Roni hits his car in anger and says everything was going fine. I fell in love and you took her from me. I will find her. And Yug, you can’t come in Kahani’s life.

Iravati calls the number and says I am ready to give you the confession video. It’s recorded, what’s next? Gunjan says you’re wise. You saved your daughter’s life. Now send me that video. Iravati says how can I make this deal? Come in front of me. It’s my daughter’s sangeet. Come there, I will give it. Guinjan says okay.

Kahani tries to get a lift. No one stops. Kahanisays I have to reach to Yug. They hide. Kahani says stay here, I will make a call. She goes to a shop but she doesn’t remember Yug’s number. Some goons come there. They call Roni and say we will find that girl and the kids and will bring them to you. Kahani comes to the kids and says the goons are looking for us. Don’t worry. I will handle everything. Kahani is worried. She sees a car and realizes it’s Mumbai’s car. Kahani says we have to hide in that car. It’s going to Mumbai. Yug comes out of the car. Kahani doesn’t see him. They run to the car and hide in it. Yug looks around for Kahani. He asks people. They hide in the trunk. Yug says location was of this place. I think she went back to Mumbai. I should go back. He sits in his car and leaves,

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