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Namak Issk Ka 5th January 2021 Yug sits in Roni’s feet. He says please don’t do this. Don’t break bhabhi ma’s heart. I don’t want to fight. Bhabhi maa is temple. That dancer is a market. Roni says you think I fall for your childhood game? I love her, I want to marry her. Yug says you’re already married. Roni says is this a marriage? Rupa saved amma’s life so she gave me to her. No one knows what I want. I am suffocated in this cage. I love Kahani. I will marry her. He says papa left maa for a dancer. Please I beg you. Roni says it’s not a big deal. I love Kahani. No one can stop me. Yug pulls him and grasps his collar. Yug says I will stop it. Roni says very cultured of you. Roni go tell anyone you want.

Roni comes to Kahani’s place. He’s packing things. Roni says we are going to our hometown. She says what? Kahani says you didn’t tell me. He says now I am. Sorry, I was excited. Kahani says we can’t go there. I have to tell where I work.

Scene 2
Kahani comes to meet Rupa. She tells her. Rupa says I will give you a wedding gift. Kahani says no, please. She gives her a locket that contains two pictures. Kahani says you have given me so much love and respect. I will always pray for your happiness. She leaves. Kahani recalls what Yug said. Kahani falls. Yug holds her hand. He leaves the hand. Kahani falls from the stairs.

Kahani is badly injured. She tries to get up. Her head bleeds. Yug comes downstairs but stops himself from helping her. Kahani stands up and walks outside. She’s injured. Rupa sees all this.

Rupa says what did yo do Yug? How could you let a woman fall and not help her? Yug says she’s a dancer I hate her. She says why were you teary then? She says you are worried for her. Do you hate her or love her? Or both. Yug leaves.

Scene 2
Kahani and Roni are on their way. Lucky and Rani take out the pandit. She says please wear it didi.

Rupa got 3 lockets, for Kahani, Gunjan and herself. Kahani opens it. It’s Rupa’s. It had Rupa and Roni’s picture. Kahani is shocked. Kahani looks at Roni and says such a big betrayl? He is Rupa’s husband Ronak.

Scene 3
Saroj says Rupa I will get gold facial done. Iravati is worried. Iravati looks at the clock. Gunjan says what happened bari didi? You’re looking at the clock. Iravati says just waiting for someone. Bell rings. Police come in. Everyone is shocked. Iravati says police? They come in. Rupa says we told you everything about the gunshot. He says we are here to inevstigate the accident that happeend 15 years ago. Saroj says you’re coming for an accident that happened 15 years ago? HE says the case reopened and he got to know it was attempt to murder. Saroj says who did this? Gunjan says someone must have reopened it.

Inspector says Mr. Ravikant himself. Gunjan and Ravi recalls she said to him you have to do this papa. You have to sign it and get her punished. She signed it. Iravati says he can’t even move from his chair. He says we got application from him. Iravati see the application. She’s shocked. He says we are not joking. Iravati says but someone is. Rupa says she is right. Someone is joking. Saroj says not every time is for jokes. He says to speak to your lawyer and we will close this case after all formalities. Rupa calls Yug. Iravati says who are you calling? She says Yug. Iravati says don’t worry. We can handle it. We will arrange a lawyer. Iravati says in heart but who did this? Gunjana says in heart one day or other you will have to accept your crime.

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