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Namak Issk Ka 4th January 2021 Kahani comes to the house and tells everyone she got engaged. Everyone congratulates her. Rupa says I will pray you to find a husband like mine. Yug recalls Kahani getting engaged to Roni. Saroj says who’s the guy? Kahani says you don’t do them. Yug says in her heart I have never someone disgusting like you. Kahani eats sweets with them. Rupa says Kahani got engaged. Give him sweets. Kahani gives sweet to Yug. He holds it and squishes it in his hand. Yug goes usptairs. Rupa gives a locket to Kahani and says a gift. Gunjan says this is your favorite chain. Rupa says you have to keep it. Kahani says I can’t take your favorite chain.

Kahani does arti. Kahani says I don’t know my is my heart so upset. I am doing this so I am able to take care of Lucky and Rani. Yug comes to her place. Kahani says you here? Yug comes. Kahani says you must be worried about your dance? I will come to your place. He says yeah you must be dying to come to my place. Kahani says have to go where money and work is. He says I know your real face and your real objective. I know your reason to come here is a man. Kahani recalls thakur. Kahani says what are you saying? He says you are worried like I am saying truth. Dancers like you think relationships are a business. Never even think about marriage. Kahani says who are you to stop me from marrying? He says I won’t, money will stop you. He empties a briefcase of money on her. He says I will increase the amount but stop trapping that man. Kahani says wow, you people don’t take a moment to insult anyone. He says you insult people who have respect. Kahani says I see no respect in you. You won’t weigh a girl’s dignity with money. this is the last time, I didn’t trap anyone. Everything between me and him is true. He says do you even know before you he was married. Kahani he said his wife died. Kahani says I know but if someone is trying to move forward what’s wrong with that? I will move ahead. He says did you even think about his family? She says I met them and they respect me. Kahani returns his money and says go from here. She locks the door. Kahani cries.

Kahani sits down and cries. Yug recalls everything. Yug comes home. He breaks his car in anger. Yug burns his car because Kahani sat in it.

Scene 2
Roni says mausi took such a good photo. He calls Kahani and says I sent you our engagement photo. Kahani says it’s okay. He says why do you sound sad? She says someone came and said weird things about you and me. He said I shouldn’t marry you. What difference does that make to him? Yug comes to Roni’s room. Kahani says are you listening? He says I will talk later. Roni is leaving. Yug says I have to talk. Roni says I have work. Gunjan and Rupa come. Gunjan says look at these dresses. Rupa says to Roni you also choose for me. He says everything looks good on you. I have a meeting. Roni leaves.

Roni is on his way. He says my brother is so nosy. A car comes his way. Roni stops his car with a sudden brake. He comes out and says who is it? Are you flying a plane? Yug comes out. Roni says why are you looking at me like that?

A man calls Iravati and says I heard you were looking for me? Iravati says are you an idiot or brave? It’s Gunjan speaking with a man’s voice. Iravati says you don’t know what happens when you mess with me. Gunjan says we know what you did to your husband. Iravati says then imagine what would I do to you? Gunjan says surrender to police by tomorrow 12, or you don’t know what will happen. Iravati is angry.


Namak Issk Ka 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kahani finds out Roni is already married to Yug. She says this is why Yug was against my engagement to Roni.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
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