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Namak Issk Ka 4th February 2021 Yug says I won’t save you every time. She says why did you now? He says my bhabhi ma wanted to save you. You always get in trouble Think about your siblings at least. What if I got late. She says I would die what else? He puts his finger on her lips. Yug says I am done with you. She says I will also come with you. He says no. You were only there for dance which happened. Kahani says in heart how will I save Rani and Lucky.

Iravati starts her black magic on Yug. Yug tries to go out but he can’t Kahani says you were leaving? He throttles her. Kahani shocked. Iravati’s locket is choking her. Yug puts a hand on her mouth. Kahani shoves Yug and runs. He holds her foot. Kahani tries to fight but Yug makes her fall. He brings petrol. Kahani says Yug.. What are you doing.. He doesn’t listen. Yug throws petrol around the house and comes out. Kahani says what are you doing? Why are you doing this? He burns the house. Yug walks towards his car. He’s still possessed. Kahani screams for help. Yug leaves.

Scene 2
Gunjan says to Ravikanth I was so happy. I am really scared. Will I get married to Yug? I am really scared. Rupa says don’t worry Yug must be coming back. You will get married. Don’t worry papa, everything would be fine.

Kahani says please save me God. Ronak will kill Kahani and Lucky. Please save me. People come outside and start extinguishing the fire. Yug sits in his car, he comes back to his senses. Iravati’s locket breaks. She faints. Yug only recalls saving Kahani. He’s confused. People bring Kahani out.

Yug comes home. Rupa says is Kahani okay? Did you find her? He says please sit. She says you found her? He says she’s safe. Rupa says why didn’t you bring her? Ronak says why didn’t you? If she doesn’t answer me you will have to. Tell me why isn’t Kahani here. Yug says she’s at her place where she should be. She couldn’t be brought here. Rupa says but.. He says I promised to save her. Saroj says did you bring the meds? Everyone is waiting for the wedding. Let’s go. Saroj asks what’s this mud? He says I stepped out of the car in mud.

Scene 3
Kahani recalls what Yug did. She cries. Kahani says I can’t believe Yug could do that. Did he try to kill me? Kahani says I have to be strong for Rani and Lucky.

Ronak says to Rupa why did you tell Yug and not me? Because you don’t want me to marry her? I am going to bring her. He says I don’t want to marry you. I will only marry Kahani. I will replace you in the mandap. I am bringing my Kahani. Saroj comes and takes Ronak to the mandap.

Scene 4
Saroj says let’s do the rounds. He says it’s 15 minutes Kaal Yug. We can do pheray after that only. Amma says another problem. Juhi says it’s okay dadi. Rupa says in heart how do I bring Kahani here. Ronak says I will bring Kahani here at any cost. Saroj says to Ronak where are you going? No one will go anywhere now. Ronak says I have to tell you all something. Saroj says what? He says K.. Band Baja comes in. Kahani comes in as well. Everyone is shocked. Kahani looks at Yug and recalls what she did. Kahani says there’s some time left right? I will dance. Saroj says that’s perfect. Yug says in heart you shouldn’t have come here Kahani. Kahani says in heart I have to save Rani and Lucky.

Kahani starts dancing with Juhi. She dances around Yug. Saroj also dances with her. Everyone dances and celebrates. Kahani gives something in Rupa’s hand. It says we have to do it fast. Rupa gives the letter to Ronak. He dances as well. The letter falls from his hand. Yug says where did Kahani go? Ronak spills juice on Rupa’s dress. she says let me clean it. Yug says let me help her. Saroj says I will help her. Ronak says I am her husband, I can clean her stains better. You all go to mandap I will bring her. Yug says no. We will wait for you, we will all go to the mandap together. Saroj says go.

Yug comes upstairs to Kahani. He says I didn’t expect this from you. She recalls him trying to kill her. She says I should be saying that. He says I did everything to keep you away from her. I can do anything for my bhabhi ma. She says all you did.. He says I did right and I can do that again. I left you at your right place. She says are you upset to see me in front of you? He says stay away from my brother and bhabhi. You know what can I do. She says who would know better than me. You crossed all limits for your family, now I will cross all limits for Rani and Lucky.

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