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Namak Issk Ka 3rd February 2021 Rupa says to Yug I have to tell you something. Kahani’s life is in danger. He says what? She says yes.
Ronak calls Kahani. He says why is her phone off? Iravati comes there and says your wife has fainted and you are on phone here. He says I.. She says I know who is more important than my daughter to you. He says who? She says doctor who else. He says yes. I was calling the doctor. There is no network let me go out and see. Iravati says if you weren’t my daughter’s husband I would have killed you. I will still punish you but after the wedding.

Rupa says promise me you will save her. She saved my life. Some people came from Aara. She took money from her. They took her to the jungle. Yug says who were those people? Why didn’t she ask us for money? She says you know how she is, she would never take it. She says I saw their messages on the phone. He says show me the phone. She says I don’t know, we don’t have time please go there. Iravati hears and says well played. Everyone comes in and glad to see Rupa conscious. Yug says let me get medicine. Saroj says she is better now. Someone else can get medicine. Dadi says the groom shouldn’t leave the mandap. Gunjan says Yug is right, let him get the medicine. She says please come fast, I am waiting for you. Rupa says in heart I can’t tell anyone. I have to save Gunjan’s wedding too.

Scene 2
Yug is leaving. Irvati stops him and says please tie this thread. I am really worried, today isn’t a good day. This thread will save you from evil. He leaves. Yug runs in the jungle to find Kahani. Yug looks around for Kahani. Kahani opens her eyes in the grave. She starts panicking and says where am I? Yug looks for Kahani around the jungle. He says Kahani.. She is under the same ground. Kahani says I am here. Save me please. Yug says this is coming from under the ground. Kahani says here.. Under the ground. kahani tries to get out but she can’t. Yug is confused. He sees Kahani’s anklet and picks it. Yug starts digging with a tree. Kahani starts to faint.

Scene 3
Dadi says let me take the evil eye off you Rupa. Ronak says in the heart can’t even look at her who would give her evil eye. Rupa says I am fine. I need to talk to Ronak. They leave. Ronak says what is all this? Where is Kahani? Rupa.. She.. Ronak says tell me. She says some people from Aara came and took her. He says stop lying. You want to marry me again. Don’t lie to me. I will tell everyone. She says if I ha to marry you again, I won’t do this drama. I made Yug promise nothing would happen to Kahani. I am giving my sindur to someone. And I don’t take back what’s given. Let Yug and Gunjan marry, I promise you after that you and Kahani will get married. He says but if time there is any mistake I will break this family. He leaves.

Yug finds the casket and brings Kahani out. She is fainted. Yug says Kahani open eyes. He rubs her hands. Yug says Kahani nothing can happen to you. He kicks her and hugs her. Yug says please open your eyes once. He cries. Kahani breathes. Yug caresses her face.

Scene 4
Iravati tells the guests Rupa fainted. The wedding will continue in a bit. Pandit ji says to Iravati I have to go somewhere else. She says even time stops when I ask. Or you never know your funeral might start in other people’s wedding. Dadi says are you going somewhere? He says no no. Dadi says see my terror. Rupa comes. Saroj says you should rest. Rupa says I have to talk to Bari didi. Iravati says I will handle it.

Yug brings Kahani to his car. He says you faint and I lose my sense. You are hurt and
I feel the pain. I shouldn’t care if you live or die but I care. Why? Why? Why are you a stranger yet feel like my own? I made the promise to bhabhi ma to bring you home and I will do that. Ronak texts him Rupa told me Kahani is found. Bring her to me, I am waiting for her. Yug is shocked. He says Ronak is still thinking about Kahani? No. I fulfilled the promise. Now I will take Kahani to her place not ours.

Rupa leaves Iravati’s hand and says you buried Kahani in the ground? She says God gave her wealth of beauty. Wealth is buried. Rupa says how can you kill her? She says I will destroy the story that means my daughter’s sadness. Rupa says what are you saying? You can’t take law in your hands. She says my hands only have line of kahani’s death. I can do anything for your happiness. She says who will save her? You? She says Yug. Yug is my protection. He will save Kahani. Iravati says I never lost. She says because you never fought with Yug. Iravati says we will see. Rupa says yes we will.

Yug brings Kahani to her place. Yug says heart says you are pure and eyes says you are wrong. Kahani (stories) are fake but heart says I wish, this story becomes true. Kahani opens her eyes. She looks at Yug. Kahani says I was buried… He says who are those people? Why do they hate you so much that they buried you? Bhabhi maa told me they were from Aara and you were in their debt. Why did you take money from such dangerous people? Thank God Rupa saw your message and asked me to save you. Kahani says in heart why did Rupa lie? Probably she knows who is behind all this and who got be abducted.

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