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Namak Issk Ka 26th January 2021 Rupa says I lied, it won’t be my wedding it would your and Kahani’s. Yug comes in. Kahani is taking Rupa and Rony’s picture. she says the picture should be as good as my luck. she says Yug comes in, is this chunri good? We look good together, right? Yug says I hope no evil eye catches this couple. Rupa says let’s go Kahani. Her hand gets stuck with Yug. Kahani leaves. Yug stops Rony and says what are you doing here? He says Rupa called me here. Yug says you remember the deal right? He says yes you will send Kahani to jail. I will be with your bhabhi ma only. We are getting married again tomorrow.

Rupa says to Kahani I will get you and Rony married. You will be in the rituals. Yug shouldn’t find out. I don’t want to ruin his and Gunjan’s wedding. I can live with Rony’s memories. Kahani says please don’t do this. She says why? You wanted to get married. Kahani is about to tell him. Rony says she will. She loves me. Rupa says why did she ask me not to? Rony says she must be scared if you’re playing a game. Her siblings already consider me their BIL. Kahani recalls Lucky taken away by police. She says Rony is right. Rupa leaves. Ronys says to Kahani I knew you would play this game. Both kids are with me. Only 24 hours are left. Otherwise, you know.. She says please don’t do anything to my siblings.

Scene 2
Patanga and Kaji dance on music. Saroj hugs Ronak and says I am so happy. Never thought I would see you and Rupa as bride and groom again. He says in heart I am happy as well.

Kahani cries and says I have to save my siblings. Yug says no one will come between Rupa and Ronak. I will send her back to Aara. Rupa looks at the sindur and says tonight is the last night I have this sindur, after that Ronak will have right on it. She cries. She says I will get them married.

Scene 3
The wedding starts. Saroj says we are double samdhans. Iravati says we are lucky. Saroj says I hope I don’t repeat the clothes. Harsh says I also want to get married. Saroj says let your chacha get married first.

Rupa gets Kahani ready. She says first time seeing moon and scar together. It isn’t Ronak’s mistake. No one wants to marry a scar. He’s lucky he has you. Kahani says how do I tell you I don’t love him, I am helpless. Rupa says why are you crying? Tears are my fate. Kahani says always wanted to be a bride. Rupa says this saree for you. Wear this in the haldi. No one should know you’re in my place. Kahani says people will see the face. She says pandit ji has asked both brides to be in ghunghat. Door knocks.

Yug says Kahani.. Rupa says he can’t see me. Yug comes in. Rupa hides. Kahani’s saree falls. Yug turns back. Kahani says why are you here? He says to tell you that don’t come in front of Ronak today. It’s Haldi today, you are a dancer. Only come when it’s dance time. He wipes her tear and leaves. He locks the door. Rupa says how will I go out now?

Rony sits on the stage. Yug says today is the biggest day of my life. You will marry bhabhi ma again. Rupa calls Ronak but he isn’t picking. Ronak says I will marry my Kahani today. Gunjan comes in. She says didi what are you doing here? Who locked you here? She says I don’t know. Gunjan says help me get erady. Gunjan says Kahani you are only here because you saved didi’s life. No drama today please. they leaves.

Rupa gets Gunjan ready. She says you look beautiful. Gunjan says so do you. God keep you from evil eye. She says my own evil eye caught me. Gunjan says Yug will finally be mine. I am so happy. Kahani says I am sorry Rupa bhabhi. I am helpless.

Saroj says sky will file an FIR, I stole his moon and sun. You both look beautiful. Where is Kahani? Rupa says she will only come during the dance time. Saroj says let’s go. She does their ghunghat and takes their downstairs. Rupa and Kahani swap. Ronak says finally Rupa sent my milky white.

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