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Namak Issk Ka 25th March 2021 Raunak twist Rupa’s hand while she pleads him to leave her. Rupa warns him never to touch her again. Kahani sits in his room wondering she has developed the habit of having her first tea with Yug. She wishes if Yug was here. Yug comes to her room. Kahani is shocked to see her and asks Gunjan hasn’t stopped you. He says that she has gone to the bathroom, it will take her good 15 mins to come out. Meanwhile, he thought he will see Baba and have tea with her. He says when he woke up he saw that everything was there except one. Kahani asks if he was missing her. He kind of says yes and says that they are friends and hence it normal to miss each other. Kahani is felling in love with him all over again. When Yug leaves Kahani drinks from his cup. Yug comes back to get his keys and sees Kahani drinking from his cup. Kahani tries to explain, Yug says it ok and he leaves.

Yug is again served tea and breakfast at his home by Gunjan. Yug is still wondering why Kahani drank from his cup. He wonders that he considers her as a friend but what does she think of him. Kahani is also thinking about the same and tells herself that she loves him and all the symptoms suggest the same.

Iravat says that it’s time the dancer is put to her place. She says just two days, you will cry more than the color spilled on the roads of Mumbai on holi. On the other hand, Kahani wonders if she is going crazy. She asks Bholenath for guidance and wonders how to confirm if she loves Yug or not.

Yug is going out of the house. Gunjan asks if he is going to work or to meet Kahani. He says you can come and check if you don’t trust me. She says that I trust you but will confirm and trust your honesty. She says she trusts him but not Yug. Gunjan calls Dolly to prepare lunch for them. Dolly tells Yug’s mother that she would have killed her by poisoning her food or by smothering her under a pillow. She says that she cannot leave her humanity just to through someone out of the house. Dadi again taunts her for her humanity. Dolly instigates Dadi that only she can do something about it now.

Yug calls Kahani but his mother sees it and receives the call. He says that both your picture and Kahani are missing. She asks him to take care of himself and Gunjan and leave this dancer. Yug wonders what Rani is up to.

Rupa talks to her unborn baby and says that she will always protect her and will give her the love of both mother and father. Kahani overhears it and congratulates her. She says that everyone will be pleased to know about this good news. Rupa says that she has been living without a family and hence understand the importance of keeping a family together. Rupa asks her to dance when he is born. Kahani says she will dance for her but not take anything. Instead, she will give her blessings to him.

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Telecast Date:25th March 2021
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