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Namak Issk Ka 23rd April 2021 In the morning, Yug wakes up in bed with Gunjan. He wakes her up and says what are you doing here? The flashback shows how Gunjan seduced him. She says whatever needed to be done did happen, she runs from there.

Gunjan comes to Kahani’s room and tells Saroj that Yug and I became one last night, we are one now. Kahani is stunned to hear that. Saroj tells Kahani that now you know why I locked you in your room? You tried to snatch my son so I had to do something. Gunjan tells Kahani that Yug is mine completely. Saroj asks Kahani to leave from here now. Kahani smiles at them and tells Rani to bring milk for tea. Saroj asks why she is smiling? Kahani says you make me remind every day what kind of a girl I am so how did you forget that I was brought up in that dancing environment?

I didn’t play this game but Gunjan I warned Yug before only. Yug comes there and tells Gunjan that she is right, the milk that you brought for me, I didn’t drink it. The flashback shows how Kahani saw Gunjan spiking Yug’s milk and told him that. Then how Yug threw it away before Gunjan could see it. The flashback ends. Yug says I was not intoxicated yesterday. Gunjan that’s better, we became one without you being intoxicated. I will tell the world that we consummated our marriage last night. Yug says people believe the proofs. He takes out his mobile and shows her the video of last night, how Gunjan was trying to seduce him but Yug had put a mobile camera on. He pushed Gunjan away and went to sleep, Gunjan thought she would lie to everyone.

The clip ends. Gunjan throws away Yug’s phone. Yug says you want to blackmail me to make a relationship? Gunjan says you don’t even want the relationship, she leaves from there. Saroj glares at Yug and leaves. Kahani is in tears. Yug says first your phone broke and now mine. Kahani pulls him closer and says listen to me, I can never share you with anyone, never. Yug says you don’t need to say that, our names have joined, you can’t push me away ever. Kahani hugs him tightly and says we got married then why do we have to hide our relationship like it’s a crime? I don’t want to. Yug says I used to ask mother whenever I had an issue so it’s time to go to mother. Kahani says I am your issue? Yug laughs.

Yug and Kahani come to Saroj. Yug is holding Kahani’s hand. He tells Saroj that I will tell you everything clearly. Kahani and I love each other, we got married with all rituuals. Kahani says I know you don’t like me but please give me a chance, I will be a good daughter-in-law. Saroj slaps Yug and says did it hurt? I am hurting too. You left Gunjan when you married this dancer away from your family. I was just waiting for you to be shameless and tell me this. Yug tells Saroj that I am not shameless, I am just telling you the truth, you can hate the truth but you can’t change. He holds Kahani’s hand and says I love Kahani, you can punish me but you can’t separate us.

Saroj grabs him and asks Kahani to stay away. She tells Yug where did you find this dancer? You forgot my pain? The tears I got because a dancer like her? I am bearing the punishment of being a wife and now I have to bear punishment of being a mother. You don’t remember my pain? You Forgot me? Kahani tries to console her but Yug holds Saroj’s hand and says let her talk. Saroj says Ronak brought shame to me, I had faith in you but you are worst than Ronak, you threw away my love and trust. You told me but what about Gunjan? Yug says I will tell her the truth, I am not scared.

Saroj says then did you hide it? You think your dream is good? This dream of yours will destroy the family. I am begging you to not do what your father did. Yug says my father’s other woman and Kahani had one similarity, same profession but they are both different. Don’t blame Kahani for her. Saroj says she has trapped you. Yug says I am in love, I can’t live without her. He tells Saroj that my father’s mistake was to promise his wife that he will be with her for life but I have promised my wife Kahani too, I will never leave her like my father. Saroj says you have to leave her. Yug says I can give up my heart but not Kahani. I am going to tell everyone the truth.

Saroj stops him and says I can’t bless you but I can give you a suggestion. You can’t leave Kahani? So take her away from here, I will get Gunjan married to someone else and give your property to her. You can get Kahani but you will lose your mother. If you go with her then you have to leave your mother. Yug says what are you saying? Saroj says either go away with this girl or leave her. If you choose her then I will kill myself, I will keep trying to kill myself so you can’t save me everytime. I am giving you time till tomorrow so decide, she leaves from there. Kahani hugs yug and cries.

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