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Namak Issk Ka 20th January 2021 Iravati drags Kahani out. Everyone is shocked She falls on Yug. The pooja waterfalls on them. Yug leaves her. Gunjan says first my Haldi and now you are here to ruin another function of my wedding? What do you want? To stop my wedding? Throttle me. Saroj says to leave her Gunjan. Rupa says calm down. Gunjan says what have I done? Why is she doing this? Iravati says I won’t let you out of jail. She calls the police. They arrest her. Yup sees a paper and says, stop inspector. He says you can’t take this girl. This is the forensic report of those drugs. That was sugar, she carried it always. Inspector says that the case was false but you have to come with us for paperwork and pay a fine for fleeing from custody. Kahani leaves.

Rupa comes after Kahani. Kahani shows her the air ticket and says what is this? She saw it earlier. Rupa says I saw everything and read but I couldn’t believe it. I don’t believe in papers, I believe in the story. Why were you and Rony going to jail? I know he was getting you a job as a help. Was he getting you a job for that? She says I have to go. Kahani thinks about Lucky. She says I can’t tell you. Ask your husband. Rupa says I was wrong that I expected truth.

Scene 2
Yug says Kahani is out of your life now. Rony laughs. Rony says I will decide who will be my queen not you. Yug recalls Rony begged Yug to save Kahani. He said I will do anything. Yug said anything? Rony said yes. Yug said you will have to forget Kahani and never leave bhabhi ma. Rony said deal. Rony says in heart I will break the deal and marry Kahani. Yug says forgot it? He says no. I know I have to forget Kahani and not leave your bhabhi maa. Yug says I can send her back to jail. Remember that. Rony leaves.

Rupa comes to the storeroom. Rony comes and says why did you call me here? Kahani comes in as well. Rony is shocked. Rupa says I wanted to know the truth of you and Kahani going to Thailand together. Why did you book this ticket? I know you are helping with her job. But you say it once. He says Kahani and I were leaving the country. Rupa stays what? He says leaving you. Rupa is shocked. She says what do you mean? He says far away from this city and all of you. I was going to Thailand to marry Kahani. Tears fall from Rupa’s eyes. She says you are joking right? He shoves her hand and says why do you think it’s a joke. My mom jokes. I will marry Kahani. Rupa is shocked. Rupa says what? I fasted every day for you. You love me so much. You touch my feet. You only love me, I know that. Rony shoves her hand and says I don’t love you at all. I love Kahani. She is my true love. I love her. Rupa says where will I go? Rony says don’t act like outdated women. You will cry for a couple of days and then forget me. Rupa asks Kahani you could ask for my breaths I would give you, you took my husband from me. Rony says go home and drink water. You will be fine. Rupa leaves. Kahani cries.

Kahani says leave my hand. Do you have any shame? Can’t you see? I can’t take this sin on my head. Please return my lucky? I never hurt anyone. Because of you, her heart is broken. Yug’s heart is broken. All because of you. You are harming so many people. Please don’t this. Please. She cries. He says my sin is that I love you. Is this a joke? I faced all this for you. You think he became merciful? He asked me to forget you and not leave my wife. But love makes you do all this. He says this is the only way for me to get you. Ronak weds milkywhite. Stop crying. It doesn’t look good on you. Go and prepare for the wedding. I sent a gift at your place. Kahani leaves.

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