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Namak Issk Ka 1st June 2021 Iravati is leaving the house with her family. Kahani looks on. Yug comes there and stops Iravati. Woh Yug hai plays. Yug says no one will go from here. Kahani wants you to leave and you want Kahani to stop you. Kahani is behind all this problem so I will throw her out today. Kahani says I am your wife and not old furniture that you can throw out. Yug says I accepted you completely but I will wipe this sindoor and drop you today. He tries to remove it but Kahani grabs his and tears fall from her eyes. Yug says don’t make me so angry that I will do something back.

Iravati thinks I can’t let my powers get stale. She moves her hands and Yug becomes trapped by her, his eyes turn red and he pushes Kahani away. Saroj rushes to her and asks if she is fine? Kahani says no one will come between us. Saroj smirks. Yug glares at her. Kahani says I want to see how much this man hates me whom I love this much. Yug says I will kill you. Kahani says it’s yours. Saroj stares at Iravati, Iravati murmurs that bloodsheds in fights so let it be. Iravati thinks I made everyone eat kheer yesterday so no one will stop Yug. Ronak asks Yug if he has gone mad? Rupa asks him to stay silent. Ronak says she has changed the party now? Dadi asks him to throw this dancer out of the house. Iravati does black magic and thinks Yug has to punish her.

Yug goes and breaks a pot on the wall, all are stunned. He takes the broken pot and starts toward Kahani. He is about to stab her but Ravi screams stop.. everyone is shocked and turns to him. Ravi is trying to reach out to Yug. He grabs his wheelchair and gets up. Kahani cries happily. Ravi tries to reach her but falls down. All rush to him. Rupa says you talked baba, we have been dying to hear you, are you fine? Ravi says I am fine. Iravati gets worried and thinks about how did he get strength.

Ravi says I am fine. Yug makes him sit on the wheelchair but he shouts at everyone to move away, I don’t need anyone. Iravati starts her acting and says we were all sad but you have made us so happy, you have got up from the chair after so many years. She tries to touch him but he pushes her away and says you people can’t handle this house so don’t worry about me. Iravati asks him to take a rest.

Ravi says I have been doing that for years, not anymore. Iravati thinks what if he tells the truth to everyone? He says me and my friend made this family for this day? So that you people can divide it today? Juhi says this is happening because of Kahani and Saroj listens to her only. Ravi goes to Saroj and says how did you change? Don’t you remember how we made this house? How you fasted for Rupa when she was ill, how we used to celebrate Yug’s birthday every month so he would be happy.

Kahani is new, she doesn’t know that we are the only family and this house is the heart of the family. You want to break this heart? You could have told Kahani. Kahani says I am sorry, Iravati has poisoned my life so much that I couldn’t understand anything. Ravi says Iravati won’t be able to do anything anymore, trust me. Yug says if she would trust us then this wouldn’t have happened, I tried to make her understand but she didn’t listen. Ravi says you were showing off your favors instead of making her understand, you could have been with her but you have given her so much pain.

I have seen it, I have seen the truth of everyone in this house. He looks at Iravati and says everyone is a culprit against Kahani. You all have hurt her, he asks Yug to apologize to her. Gunjan says she broke your daughter’s house and you want us all to apologize to her? Ronak says you have opened my eyes, you are totally right but it’s not right that a dancer is dancing over our heads. Dadi asks him to shut up. Saroj says don’t bad-mouth our daughter-in-law Kahani. Ravi says I don’t want to argue with anyone, he asks Yug to take the luggage inside, nobody is going anywhere.

Yug says okay, he asks Gunjan to put the luggage back. Saroj eyes Kahani. Kahani rushes to Yug and says why don’t you understand that Iravati can’t stay here, I won’t change my decision. Ravi says your decision will change after I tell you everything. But first I want to talk to Iravati. Kahani says you can say anything to me but Iravati won’t stay in this house. Yug says I have given you this right over this house, don’t force me to take it away. He tells Ravi that I am angry at myself for thinking that she is a pious woman, it was a bad moment. Ravi gets angry and slaps him hard. Everyone is shocked. Ravi says how much will you insult your love? Iravati thinks I have to attack now.

She says wow, you spoke after years but in favor of this girl? Why? Gunjan says my father doesn’t care that Yug cheated on me but worried that he scolded Kahani? Why? Iravati says men like these kinds of women. She asks Ravi why did you call her to the farm house? What is going on with her? Kahani says my fate is bad but your thoughts about me are worst, I told you that he knows about my parents that’s why he called me there. Iravati says you were lying and still lying. Yug asks Ravi to tell her about her parents, I promised her that I will reunite her with her parents, please tell her about her parents, maybe she will listen to them. Iravati says even I want to know whose mistake she is that we are bearing. Dadi says she can’t be a daughter of a good man.

Ravi says you all want to know the name of her father? Kahani’s father is Ravikanth Verma. Everyone is shocked. Kahani is frozen at her place. Iravati thinks how can she be his daughter? Rupa says what are you saying? Iravati recalls how she had pushed the car from the cliff and thinks how did this girl get saved? Kahani asks Ravi to tell the truth and don’t pity me. Ravi says I am telling you the truth, you are my daughter. Yug says how is it possible? Kahani says then why didn’t you say anything? Ravi says I tried telling you many times. Gunjan says you don’t need to lie to protect her.

Ravi says I am an unfortunate father as I couldn’t be with her and now nobody believes me when I say she is my daughter. He says I swear on Rupa and Gunjan that it’s the truth. Dadi says everyone was behind Ronak but no one has a good character in this house. Ronak acts like crying. Rupa says what did you do baba.. Kahani comes near him and asks where is Maa? Ravi says I tried searching for her but I couldn’t find her. Kahani cries and looks away. Iravati tells Ravi that you are proud of your relationship with this girl? I kept your mistake hidden from everyone but you didn’t remain silent even for my respect. You are speaking today so I will talk too. I think it was your plot to bring Kahani into this house. I won’t be a part of this plot.

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