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Namak Issk Ka 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Namak Issk Ka 1st January 2021 Roni says all my dreams have come true. They come inside the temple. Yug comes in as well.

Iravati follows Gunjan but misses her in the market. She stops a man. He says yes? She says sorry. Roni shows the wedding card to Kahani. He says to change what you want except for the groom. She sees the date and says it’s Yug’s wedding as well. Roni says is there any problem? She says no.

Iravati says I will find you. Gunjan comes out of a mall. She says Bari didi you here? I came here to shop. Did you come to the shop as well? Iravati says yes I came to shop. Gunjan says but you have no bags. Iravati says I couldn’t get it. Gunjan says yes, sometimes you don’t take things on time and they are taken forever. Gunjan says in her heart you will never know it was your own daughter. I saw the proofs of pain that you gave to papa. I will return you all the pain.

Roni says to Kahani don’t worry about anything. He shows the cards to the kids. He says mausi is getting everything. You won’t have to work after the wedding. Kahani says I will work after the wedding as well. I have my own identity. I hope you have no problem. He says of course, I am broad-minded. You can do whatever you like.

Scene 2
Iravati calls the goon and says call that person again. Or I will kill you. Gunjan says who was it? Iravati says some wedding preparations. Don’t worry. I will handle everything. Gunjan says you will never know I will punish you.

Rupa washes Roni’s feet. He says please don’t do this. Rupa says your love makes my heart sparkle. Rupa says I like doing it. He says please.. She says this is good for our bond. Yug comes in. He looks at Roni and says bhabhi maa doesn’t even know he isn’t even a human. Rupa says when did you get this ring? He says a client gave it to me. Yug says, liar. No client gave that ring. Everyone is shocked. Yug says that a cheap dancer gave him this ring. Everyone is shocked. Rupa says what are you saying? He says Roni got engaged. Rupa faints. Roni says Rupa.. Yug says don’t do this drama. You don’t care about bhabhi maa. You only care about that dancer. Roni says yes I care for her. So what? I love her. Everyone is shocked. Roni says I love Kahani and I will marry her. Rupa leaves. Saroj says are you crazy? What did you do? That girl.. Rupa sets herself on fire. Yug says no.. He was imagining. Yug says in my heart if I tell the truth bhabhi ma’s heart will break and I don’t know what will she do. Rupa says should I serve food? He says no I am not hungry.

Scene 3
Kahani calls the doctor and says I have arranged the money. My friend is sponsoring his treatment and I will marry him. Lucky says didi don’t marry because of my operation. Rani says don’t force yourself to marry him. Kahani says you botha re my family. I don’t love Roni but he is a good man. If he was like thakur I won’t have married him. This is my fate.

Rupa, Gunjan, and Saroj come back from shopping. Iravati enters the hall and sees all the photos hanging. She’s shocked. They are about to enter. Gunjan pretends to fall. Everyone stops for her. Iravati locks the door. Saroj says barki didi.. Open the door. Rupa says why is she not opening the door? Gunjan says time for the show. Are you okay bari didi? Iravati takes off all the photoes. The servant says I will break the door. Iravati opens the door. She says the time wasn’t right. When I came home, it wasn’t a good mahorat. So I locked the door. Gunjan says you care so much about me. I love you so much.

Gunjan comes to the room and burns all the photo. Iravati comes there. Gunjan runs out. Iravati says fire.. Everyone comes in. Gunjan comes with everyone. Gunjan says what is all this? How did this fire erupt? Rupa says what photos are these? Iravati says these are some old photos. I light the candle. Saroj says this fire is delibrate. Iravati gets scared. Saroj says your beauty lit this fire. She laughs. Rupa says amma you’re beautiful.


Namak Issk Ka 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rupa says Yug you came on the right time. Kahani got engaged. Kahani give him sweets. Kahani gives him a sweet. He squishes it.

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