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Namak Issk Ka 1st February 2021 Dadi picks the papers. She stops Iravati. Iravati says yes? She says my DIL left her brain in the house. Do you have any sense what’s going on in the house? Keep an eye on daughter and SIL. She throws the divorce papers on her face. Saroj sees the papers. She’s shocked. Everyone comes there. Iravati sees the papers. Kahani stands on a corner. Iravati says Rupa and Roank are getting divorced? Ronak is scared. Iravati asks Ronak if you leave my daughter, I won’t leave you. Dadi says don’t threaten my son. She says I punish, don’t threaten. Saroj says let’s clear it first. Rupa, Ronak tell us what is this? What went so wrong? I told everyone you are Ram and Sita. Yugi says bhabhi maa, please tell us the truth. Gunjan says what happened didi? Saroj says Rupa please say something. She asks Ronak, tell us. Dadi says say it. Rupa says the reason is his… Iravati is about to strangle Ronak.

Rupa stops her and says I was thinking but it isn’t. I made a mistake. I had a doubt on him but it wasn’t true. The misunderstanding went so far that it went to divorce. He kept telling me didn’t do anything but I forced him to sign the papers. Ronak loves me a lot and his heart is pure. Ronak says yes. Pure. Rupa says I wanted to marry him again and repent for this sin. Iravati says so much happened and you didn’t even tell me? Ronak says she had fake doubts on me so she was embarrassed. But I have forgiven her. Yug says you are lying bhabhi. Why did you keep this paper safe? She says I was gonna burn them at the wedding. Rupa tears it apart and says why to delay it. He looks at Ronak. Saroj faints. Dadi says are you okay? She says you scared me. Rupa says to Iravati forgive me. She says tell me if there is any problem. Saroj says everyone makes mistakes. My Rupa can never go away from my Ronak. Tell me if there’s anything. I am your mom. Dadi says to Kahani why are you here?

Scene 2
Yug stops Ronak. He says tell me two things. When did Rupa get to know about Kahani? And she didn’t tell me about divorce papers, okay. But why didn’t you? He says are you, my soul? She found out and divorce was important. If I told you, you would want to kill me. I convinced your bhabhi maa so she’s ready to marry me again. Everything is okay now. Let’s enjoy the functions.

Iravati says Rupa you saved Ronak other I would.. Patanga gets up. He comes out. He says I have to tell you something important. She says I don’t talk to useless servants. He says Rupa and Ronak are getting divorced. She says we all know. It was old. Rupa had misunderstood. Patanga no, you have misunderstood. It’s new. They got divorced today. Iravati says how do you know? He says they signed in front of me after haldi. Iravati says what? He says yes. She says I won’t leave you if this is a lie. He says it isn’t. I was gonna tell everyone but Ronak fainted and locked me in the store. I will tell everyone. Iravati says you won’t tell everyone. I will handle it. It’s about my daughter. Go and act locked in the store.

Paranga comes back to the store and pretends to faint. He says my brother is so clever, he tore the copy. I have the original papers. Patanga hears it and says Ronak, Iravati knows how to play her game. You will pay for this sin.

Scene 3
Kahani thinks of Lucky and Rani. She cries and holds her key. Yug comes in. He says there is a place for anklets in decent houses, not ghungros. They are kicked out. Get out of here. She says listen. He says Kahani (story) is fake even if it’s true. My brother considered you real, you almost wrecked their home. If you stay here you will break it. Get out of here. He drags her out. Kahani’s key falls. She says I have to pick that key. She says it’s important for me. Yug says you need to get out of here it’s important for my family. She says you only think of yourself and your family. I feel the pain too. When we lose something, we also feel the pain. I won’t leave without taking what’s important for me. She holds his collar. Rupa comes there. She says what happened? Yug says she’s done with her dance. Rupa says she will go after the wedding. Go to your room Kahani. Kahani picks the key. Rupa says I know you are hurt. It was old. Please forget it. And think about your wedding only.

Amma comes to Saroj and says I know you are worried. Everything is sorted. She says I don’t know what happened. Amma says even if a man cheats, there’s some shortcoming in the wife. When a kite falls, it’s the thread’s fault. Juhi comes and says mummy please smile. Don’t be emotional.

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