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Namak Issk Ka 19th January 2021 Rani is in an abandoned. She’s hungry. Kahani comes to her with a half bread. She makes her eat it. Kahani says I could only find this. She makes Rani eat. Kahani says this one for lucky. Rani makes her eat as well. Kahani sits with her in the abandoned car. She says I have to get lucky and then I will leave this city forever.

Rony calls the lawyer. He says the girl fled from custody how will her bail be done? Rony says do anything but I want Kahani with me. No matter how much money it requires, I want that girl. Rupa comes in. He says in any case that girl shouldn’t be left alone. She accused my brother. She should be punished. Rupa says calm down. He says I love my brother. He was accused, I want to detail that girl. Rupa says everything will be fine. Don’t worry.

Harsh comes to Yug’s room. Yug images Kahani begging him to save her. He sees her everywhere.

Scene 2
Iravati says to Saroj how could Kahani do that. Saroj says I am scared she might come again. Iravati says no one can disrupt my daughter’s happiness.

The event starts. Kahani ties to sneak in. Rupa says bride and groomed are showered with this pooja water. Kahani tries to come in. She looks at Yug. Yug sees her and says why do I see Kahani everywhere. Kahani goes inside. She comes to Rony’s room and says I beg you please return my brother. Please I came here to educate them. Please.. Rani was hungry for days. This city has made me a beggar. Please I will go back. I will live anywhere. Please return my brother. He says don’t cry. Your tears hurt my heart. I love you won’t leave you on road. Why did you flee? It will make your life so difficult. I could get you out easily. But now even the lawyer isn’t responding. Kahani says Yug made me flee to complicate my case. He came disguised as you. Rony says I get it. Rony says don’t worry I will get lucky out once we are married. Kahani says Yug won’t let us get married. Just give me lucky and let me go. He says you can go but without Lucky. He is our wedding card. Go to my farmhouse and relax there. Wait for me there. I will handle your case there, then the wedding and then lucky.

The rituals start. Harsh says I made a paper plane of papa’s paper. Rony says it’s his and Kahani’s air ticket. Saroj picks it. She gives it to Yug to read. He looks at Rony in anger. Iravati says whose tickets are these? Rony says Yug and I planned a foreign trip. Saroj says where? Yug says where? Rony says he forgot, because of your wedding I canceled it. Yug nods.

Iravati says Gunjan why are you not wearing the bangles I gave you? She says I will bring it from my room. Iravati says it’s okay I will. Saroj is with her as well. Kahani is trying to sneak out. She sees them coming and hides. Iravati’s sees Kahani’s anklet. She says this is that dancer’s anklet. If it’s here, she must be here as well. She calls police. Kahani tries to go out. Iravati stops her.

Gunjan and Yug sit down for rituals. Saroj makes her wear the bangle. Saroj says Ronak bathe him. He says yeah I will clean Yug. Saroj says where is iravati? Iravati comes out with Kahani. Everyone is shocked.

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