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Namak Issk Ka 17th February 2021 Kahani comes to Yug’s room and says take the shirt off. Vadh ji told me haldi (turmeric) can heal burns. He says you have done the drama already. She says you can keep calling me greedy. Kahani brings a scissor and says get back. She cuts his shirt. She applies haldi on his burn. Yug looks at Kahani. He recalls dressing her wound. Saroj comes in. She caresses Yug’s head. He has fallen asleep. Kahani says forgive me. Saroj says I can give you everything but not forgiveness. I was doing munh dikhai. Why did you have to make fun of us? Our ritual? Why are you hurting my son a lot. Kahani says I was so hurt, I am not giving my clarification. I couldn’t handle the pain. I didn’t want to hurt Yug. I was tired. Saroj says so you proved them all right? I don’t know what are you trying to do. What I can see is my son’s pain and wound. I am a mother.. Kahani hugs her. Saroj cries.

Iravati says that the dancer won’t dare to come in front of me again. Kahani comes in her room and twists her arm. Iravati says are you done with life? She says done with your drama. Iravati says then kill me? If I get a chance to kill you I won’t. Kahani says you have already tried that. But today you have hurt Yug. Iravati says wow so this mandur made you forget your ghungro. You’re not Yug’s wife. You are bound to him. She says I am strong now. I am standing between Yug and anything that hurts him. Iravati says Rupa stopped me, I would have killed you by now. Iravati is about to throttle her. Kahani shoves her hand and says I raised myself on the roads. You can’t scare me. DOn’t mess with me. You can’t kick me out of this house. Iravati says don’t mess with me, you will regret it. Kahani says I have been facing people like you all my life. But you’re facing me for the first time. She leaves.

Gunjan comes in. She says what was she saying? She won’t leave this house? Will Yug ever be mine? Iravati says she’s Kahani, not a reality. Yug will be yours. Gunjan says you hurt Yug. Iravati says Yug came to save her. Gunjan says nothing will happen now. You agree to everything Rupa says and she won’t let you do anything. Iravati says I love Rupa but I love you as well. You are my daughter too and I will get you right. Kahani will be out of this house. Now I will do something no one ever expected.

Scene 2
Dolly takes Kahani in the garden and says see it. It has her dance posters. Dolly says who did this? She says I don’t know. Thakur’s men come there and say we are here. Welcome us with your dance. Kahani runs inside. They come in. Dadi says where are you coming? Iravati comes as well. He says we come where ghungros are. we are here to see our Chamcham rani. We came here after seeing the poster. She called us. Kahani says I dind’t. Dolly says yes there are her posters outside. Dadi tears them apart. Dadi says get out before I tear you like this. He says our chamcham is here. We like your new place and your manager too. She’s just old. He laughs at dadi. Ravi comes there as well. He’s shocked to see Chotu. Iravati says get out of our house.

Yug comes as well. Chotu holds Iravati’s hand and says you would look hot as well dancing. Yug comes and hits him. He says how dare you to touch Bari didi? Chotu says are you charging for holding hands as well? I will pay for all of them. Your chamcham dances very well. Yug says I will kill you if you say a word about my wife. They laugh wife? Dancers don’t have husbands. Yug hits them. THey put guns on Yug. Ronak says stop it. I am talking. Put the guns down. They grasp Yug. Iravati says leave him. Chotu says shut up. He says Chamcham now my blood has shed, we don’t want just you now. She will also dance with you, pointing at Rupa. Everyone is shocked. Yug shouts, Chotu’s men are holding him. Chamcham says I will dance please don’t harm anyone here. Please leave bhabhi. I will dance. He says shut up. She will dance before you. I will kill Yug. Yug says how dare you? He says I will shoot you if you say anything. Yug says I will kill you if you say a word to my daughter. Iravati commanded him to do that.

Choti walks towards Rupa and gives her ghungro. Yug shouts and says how dare you. Chotu says wear these or we will kill Yug. His goons hit Yug. Iravati says in heart I am sorry Rupa. Kahani says to leave her. They shove Kahani. sHe gets injured. Yug says stay away from my bhabhi maa. Chotu makes her wear ghungros and says dance now. Yug says no bhabhi maa. Chotu says come on. Rupa starts dancing. Yug hits his head. He screams. Everyone is crying. The men dance around Rupa and throw money on her. Yug is crying. Kahani is crying as well. Chotu says we tied your dignity in these ghungros. They leave. Rupa sits down crying. Everyone hugs her.

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