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Namak Issk Ka 13th January 2021 Rupa asks Saroj why do you look worried? She says I don’t know what is going on between Yug and Rony. Rupa says I know who is responsible for this. Saroj says who? She says Kahani. Rupa says don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about.

The constable says to Lucky time for you to become star. He forces him to drink poisoned milk. Kahani wakes up. She says no I won’t let anything happen to Lucky. She tries to break the door. Kahani tries to look for a window. Yug comes there with food. Rony sees Yug’s car in the jungle and says he must be around. He must have kept Kahani around. Yug enters the shed. Kahani hits him with a tube light. His head bleeds. Kahani feels bad. He falls down. Kahani says sorry please forgive me. He holds her hand. Kahani says please let me go. She cries. He says as long as I am breathing I won’t let you go. Kahani bites his hand. She shoves Yug. Yug holds her food. She struggles to go out.

Scene 2
Iravati says to Ravikant I gave you a lot of pain, time to give you a gift. She takes out a box. Iravati says my power is black and so are my eyes. The day you found about me you went back to your first wife so I had to kill them and do this to you. But there’s another queen in the game now. She plays cards. She says but there is one queen in my cards. So other has to die.

Kahani picks a bottle and hits Yug with it. He faints. Kahani runs out. Her head hurts. A candle falls from her hands. The whole shed is on fire. Yug says Kahani.. She looks back at the fire. Kahani tries to go back but thinks about Lucky. Kahani goes away. Yug says Kahani.. She runs back in. Kahani goes inside the fire and takes out Yug.

Iravati spreads cards on the table. Gunjan sees the video and says no one can save bari didi. I will show this evidence to the police. She can’t walk. Her feet stop working. A car comes towards her. Gunjan is confused.

Kahani picks Yug on her shoulders. She takes him out The car is coming towards Gunjan. But their maid sees her and saves her. Iravati is doing black magic on Gunjan. She says you’re saved but the proof is dead. The maid says what happened? Why were you not moving? Gunjan says my feet weren’t working. She says that phone.. She looks at it broken.

Kahani leaves Yug with a tree. He holds her hand and handcuffs her with his hand Kahani says stop it. Please let me go. She cries and says please let me go. Please. He throws away the key. Kahani is scared.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
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