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Namak Issk Ka 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Namak Issk Ka 12th January 2021 Rani hugs Kahani. They are both teary. Kahani says everything will be fine. I am here for you. Don’t cry. Take care. She leaves and sits in the car. Kahani gets a call. It’s Roni. He says where are you? The driver is waiting for you. Kahani says I am in the car already. He says what? She says the car says Roni weds Kahani.. Yug snatches her phone. Kahani is shocked. He’s driving the car. Kahani says where are you taking me? Stop the car.

Return my phone. He says you’re kidnapped. Kahani is scared. She recalls Lucky being taken away by police. Kahani says stop the car right now. Return my phone, I have to go. Open the door. She screams for help. Yug says don’t shout, no one can hear. Kahani cries and says please stop the car. I have to go. She fights with Yug. Yug doesn’t stop the car. The car hits a tree. Kahani runs out. Yug runs after her. Kahani goes far. Yug stops her. Kahani runs the other way and throws a rock in Yug’s feet. He falls. Yug looks at Kahani running.

Scene 2
Roni comes to Kahani’s place. Rani says she went in your car. Roni says that was not my car. Where did she go? Roni says she’s hiding from me right? She says no, didi went in your car. Roni says if you tell me the truth I will give you so much money you will be happy. Rani cries. Rony says don’t cry. I will find your didi. Rani says you became such a good friend, why are you doing all this? He says so I can marry Kahani.

Kahani asks a man fixing his bike please give me a phone. I have to make an important call. He gives her the phone. Kahani says I was coming to you.. The phone dies. Kahani runs. Two cars stop Kahani. Kahani runs the other way. Yug comes on the other side. He throws away his shades. The car has hit Kahani. She falls down. Kahani is surrounded by cars. Yug comes to her. Yug says I told you I won’t let you marry Rony. Kahani is scared.

Scene 3
Yug drags Kahani to a shed and throws her there. Kahani says leave me. Let me go. Yug says who are you? The Kahani who saved my bhabhi ma. You’re not that person.


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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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