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Namak Issk Ka 12th April 2021 Yug hugs Kahani and brings her to Kaki. He asks her to tell a solution. Kaki says your marriage was an accident but accept your marriage in front of God first, take God’s blessing. Yug says you are an elder so tell me where we will get married? Kahani says but.. Yug says our hearts are joined so why not the relationship? Kaki says I will prepare everything for the wedding. Yug says tell me some work. The girl says you will buy clothes for your bride. Yug says I don’t know what to buy for her, he asks Kahani to come with him. The girl says she has to get ready so you can’t take her. Yug says she doesn’t need to get ready, she can just smile and look pretty. Yug says I will leave now. Kahani says if you doubt your decision then go back, I will handle myself but if you come back to me and then ditch me.. Yug says there is no point in ditching now. He leaves from there. Kaki says I will marry you like my daughter. A girl goes with Yug shopping.

The inspector tells Ronak that I will let you know when I find Kahani. He leaves. Ronak says where will I find her? He sees Saroj coming there, she says Kahani is gone so come back to your family. Now go and look for your brother. You have to show the right path to Yug.

Dolly is taking care of Rupa. Gunjan comes there and says Rupa doesn’t care about her younger sister who is stressed. Rupa says I know my duties. Gunjan says do you have any idea that my husband is missing for hours but you can’t see my tears. Rupa looks on.

Yug comes to the shop and asks for wedding clothes. The girl hides and records his video. Yug asks the seller to show the dress which will make my bride the prettiest. He brings a mannequin and says she looks like this. Kahani smiles seeing all that. Kahani says he is like this only. Yug gets Gunjan’s call, she asks where is he? Yug says I am out for some work. Gunjan says where exactly? Yug says what kind of question is that? Stop asking for my report, I will talk to you later, he cuts the call and turns off the phone. Kahani looks on. Kaki tells her that he will fight anyone for her. Yug selects and buys everything for Kahani.

Yug takes all the shopping and starts going back to Kahani. The girl is following him and making his video. Yug stops to buy ice cream. Kahani says he remembers everything, he will buy it for everyone. Yug buys ice cream for everyone. Kahani blushes.

Yug comes to Kaki’s house. The girls take ice cream from him. Yug glances at Kahani and goes inside. Kaki asks Kahani what’s the matter? Kahani says my love has changed my life but when we get married tomorrow then it will change the lives of his family, I will become his wife but I won’t be a daughter-in-law of his family, they will never accept me, they hate me so much. Kaki says true love can win over any hatred, don’t worry, come inside.

Scene 2
Rani comes to Ravi’s room and says Kahani told me she had some work from you, if you were fine then she wouldn’t have left, I am worried about her, don’t know where Kahani is and Yug is gone too. Patanga comes there and says Yug has gone to find Kahani, he will bring her back and God will protect Kahani. Rani smiles. Gunjan comes there and scolds Rani, she says don’t ever come near Ravi, get lost from here. Gunjan sits with Ravi and wipes his face. Rani cries.

Yug is preparing for the wedding. He gives the wedding dress to Kahani. Yug asks Kahani if she likes it? Kahani says a lot. Yug shows shoes to Kahani and she smiles. All tease Yug and Kahani. Yug gives ice creams to everyone. He gives a cone to Kahani and she smiles. Kaki says you both will get married tomorrow. Yug says I will reach on time. Saroj hides and keeps an eye on them. Yug says I should go home as my family will worry. They are family so it’s difficult to fight them, I will accept Kahani tomorrow fully but I will not leave my family, I will tell them about my love when the time is right, I will try my best to get Kahani’s place in the house, I will fight in my way and I know Kahani wants that too. Yug tells Kahani that this all will take time, will you wait? Kahani smiles and says I can wait for you for life but I won’t be able to spend life with a broken heart. Your family can be your strength or your weakness, if you bow down to them then I promise on my mother that you will never get me again. Yug nods. Saroj hides and thinks that Yug won’t be able to reach mandap tomorrow then Kahani will leave his life.

The guru tells Iravati that you will get powers that will be unbeatable for anyone in this world.

Gunjan is calling Yug but he is not picking up. Ronak tells Rupa that your brother-in-law is destroying Gunjan’s life to save yours. Yug comes there and says you can’t rise in Rupa’s eye by putting me down. Gunjan asks where were you? Yug says I was busy with work. Gunjan says why was your phone off? Yug says my phone’s battery died and I didn’t have a charger. Saroj taunts I didn’t expect this immaturity from you.

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