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Namak Issk Ka 11th January 2021 Yug says I won’t let you do this. Roni says don’t come between me and my love. Mausi calls and says I prepared everything. Where are you? He says shocked? Mausi cares about my love. It should have been you. Yug says where is bhabhi? He says care about me I am your brother. We have a blood relation. Think about what I go through. Have you ever seen her? You and amma tied me to her, I don’t even like stains on my clothes. Yug says why did you say yes then? He says I am breaking it now. Yug says papa did the same. You are writing tears in bhabhi ma’s eyes as well. And now you’re doing the same. Roni says so what? He must not be able to control. He must have found love and left. Yug slaps Roni. Saroj comes. She’s shocked. She slaps yug and says why did you slap him? Roni says I made a mistake in a business. Saroj says don’t save him. Roni says I did. I will handle it. Iravati says what happened? Saroj says nothing. Yug isn’t eating. So I was mad. Iravati says Yug eat please. Yug says okay and leaves.

Scene 2
Kahani comes home. She says he’s a kid. He has not done anything. Lucky and Rani are crying. Inspector says come to court. Roni comes and says want to save him? I can only save him if you make him my BIL. Kahani says to the inspector say something. He’s blackmailing me. Roni says I pay him already. Kahani says Lucky hasn’t done anything. Let him go. They drag Lucky out. Rani and Kahani fight. Roni holds Kahani’s hand. Kahani says please leave him. He’s a kid. Police take Lucky with them. Rani runs after the car and falls. Kahani runs to her and picks her. Lucky is crying in the van. Kahani picks Rani and hugs her. Roni says why are you falling? I am here. Rani hits him and says you are so bad. Kahani says I will do what you ask, please leave Lucky. I will become your bride.

Yug recalls what Kahani said. Rupa asks Yug you didn’t eat. He says I am not hungry. Rupa says I know there’s something wrong. If there’s something, I will manage it. I will choose your happiness over Gunjan. But if you have to choose between me and your brother, always choose him. He says it’s not what you think between me and Kahani and I will solve whatever is.

Kahani cries at her home. Yug thinks about Rupa and gets teary. He recalls Roni hugging Kahani. He breaks things. Kahani sits in the shower and cries. Saroj says who broke the mirror? Yug leaves in anger. He says I won’t let Roni ruin bhabhi’s life. I will cross any limit to save her life.

Scene 3
Kahani gets ready as a bride. Roni calls her and says happy wedding. I have sent a car for you. Sit in it and come. Saroj comes there. Roni says what happened? She says you will tell that. Saroj says I know both my sons. I know he won’t slap you for business. He says TV has polluted sanskars. I forgave him. Saroj says what is going on? He hugs her and says don’t worry, it’s the wedding season. He says in his heart once I get married I will handle anything.

Ravi recalls when he asked Rishi to get Yug and Kahani married when they grow up. Rishi agreed. He said this will happen one day. Iravati comes to him. He’s scared. He says recalling your friend again? I know you wanted Yug to marry your first wife’s daughter Kahani. But she’s not alive, neither is her mom. I did the murder. And Yug is getting married to your daughter anyway. Don’t cry. Your tears make me cry. Smile.. She grasps his face. Iravati says someone is blackmailing me. There’s another murder in my hands.

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