Namah 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Namah 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Namah Written Update on

Namah 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Samudradev fumes in anger after hearing about Narayan organizing samudra manthan and angrily shouts he will not let his manthan happen. His servant says anything is possible for Nararayan. Samudradev asks how will Narayan get huge churner/mathni. Narayan plays shank and arranges Mandar mountain as mathni. Samudra shakes with that. Laxmi tells Samudradev that Narayan made Mandar mountain as mathni, so he should drop his hatred for Narayan and accept him as his son-in-law. Samudradev says he will immerse Mandar mountain deep into himself/samudra/ocean and increases water level in ocean.

Mandar mountain falls deep into ocean. Samudradev laughs and says he immersed huge mountain like a small pebble, where is her Narayan. Laxmi sees tortoise and reminisces playing with tortoise in Vaikuntha and saying this tortoise has Narayan’s qualities. Out of flashback says Narayan is everywhere and picks tortoise. Samudradev asks if Narayan is even in this tortoise. Laxmi says if she has accepted Narayan by heart, he is even in this tortoise. Narayan says tathastu, and tortoise glows. Samudradev snatches and throws away tortoise and says let us see what will Narayan do if huge mountain falls on this tortoise. Mountain falls on tortoise. Samudradev laughs says samudra manthan ended before it started. Tortoise takes a gigantic form lifting Mandar mountain on its back.

Mahadev says his respectable’s tortoise avatar lifted mountain on its back for samudra manthan. Everyone chant Jai Narayan. Raja Bali says from where will they get huge rope to to churn the mountain. Samudradev hearing that says asurs are way much intelligent than devtas. Devtas also say Bali is right, how will they get a huge rope for samudra manthan. Narayan says they can use Vasuki which Mahadev is dorning around his neck as jewel and which is stronger than any rope, etc.. Mahadev asks Vasuki to respect Narayan’s wish and become rope for samudra manthan. Vasuki happily agrees. Mahadev says gods will hold Vasuki’s face while asurs will hold its tail. Bali asks why they always have to face injustice when both asurs and devtas are born from same source, devtas got devlok while asurs got deep patal lok; they pray and get boons which Mahadev and Narayan spoil always, so this time he will not accept injustice and will hold face. Narayan says he wanted to save asurs from Vasuki’s toxic breath. Bali says they would bear toxic breath instead of insult. Asurs hold Vasuki’s face and Devtas tail and start samudra manthan.

Samudradev gets angry seeing that. Laxmi requests him again to forget his hatred and accept Narayan. Samudradev says never and sends most toxic poison in the universe halahal. Narayan walks towards halahal when Laxmi’s soul emerges and reqeusts Narayan to go away from halahal. Mahadev asks if her love for this life’s father is overpowering Narayan’s love of many lives. Laxmi says she doesn’t want Narayan to consume most toxic poison halahal. Narayan says he will just follow his duty without worrying for end result.


Namah 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Narayan asks Samudradev if he understood power of love, he saw only hatred but now will see only love. Samudradev says whatever he does, he will not offer his daughter to Narayan. Different elements get out of samudra during samudra manthan and Samudradev even loses his wealth.


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