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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Pinky telling Gagan that she came to woo and convince him, but she is not model like Megha and don’t know how to charm people. Gagan asks what she wants to say? Pinky says she is like white crayons, don’t know where it is useful and you are like colorful crayons which will be useful. She says she has two qualities as many kids have become something by not following her. Gagan asks what about second quality. Pinky says I don’t let the person go, I love and can do anything to stop him. Gagan asks will you marry me?

Nandu peeps from her house and asks her Dadu, why they are not invited for pinky’s marriage. She says she wants to hit stone on their house. Her Dadu stops. Arjun asks her to do homework. She says later. Arjun says I will not come when your teacher calls me. Nandu asks if your sports teacher lets other class students play with you all? Nandu says no. Arjun says someone stays in that house who will not allow us. Nandu says you are talking about Appa. Pinky is ready as bride. Asha comes and gifts her 2 lakhs rs necklace. Shradhha gives her high heels sandals. Asha jokes and asks her to make her juda high. Amma asks them to do something so that guy falls on her face. She asks her to keep something inside. Asha says it is very vulgar thing. Pinky says I have been doing this since my exhibition started. They asks how you got Gagan. Pinky says it is a big story. She says first came chote lal and tells the story. She says then Gagan came and liked her. She says pinky and Gagan’s shehnai is played then?

Baraat comes. Gagan dances with his friend. His friend asks where was that house whose son remarked on his character. Gagan says that is his house. His friend tells other friends and they start teasing Nandu’s Dadu. Nandu tries to stop him and runs inside to inform Arjun. Nalini gives gift to Pinky. Pinky says I like it very much. Arjun fights with Gagan’s friends. Amma tells Pinky that nalini made a song for her. Asha comes there and asks them to see what is happening outside. Gagan’s friends hold Arjun and is about to beat him, but Arjun hits them all. Ram comes there and is about to hit Arjun. Arjun raises his hand to stop him, and Ram falls down. Pinky comes running and holds Ram. She scolds Arjun for misbehaving with her father. She asks him to go. Arjun’s father tries to say that Gagan’s friends started first, but Arjun stops him. Ram says today Pinky also scolded you, who was scolded by everyone. Arjun gives her best wishes from Ananya and his side and goes. Nandu tells Pinky that it was their side and his Appa is innocent. Gagan gets on the decorative moon. Pinky tries to get on it and falls down. Gagan’s relatives taunt his mother. Pinky climbs on the moon with Gagan’s help and they exchange garlands. Everyone claps.

Dadu asks Arjun that they shall leave from here. Arjun says this is Ananya’s house, here are her memories. Dadu says you didn’t sleep in your room since Ananya goes. Arjun says he is going out and asks him to make Nandu sleep with him.

Pinky and Gagan sit for their marriage. Nalini ties the ghatbandhan. Ram gives Pinky’s hand in Gagan’s hand. Pinky says she doesn’t know where to ask why girls only go to their husbands house and not the guy. Gagan fills her maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. They stand up for rounds and take the rounds. Amma asks them to light diya and baati, but it sets off. Gagan’s chachi tells that storm will come in their lives. Amma says if intention is good then destiny changes. She asks her to watch less TV. Pinky and Gagan light the diya again.

Pinky gets emotional and asks Nalini if she will remember her. Nalini says you are my Gudiya and hugs her. Pinky asks her to sing song for her. Nalini looks at Ram, who looks angrily. Pinky says no problem, you can make me hear on phone. Nalini sings the song. Kehne ko kafi kuch tha….pinky throws the rice grains and hugs Nalini again. She touches Ram’s feet. Ram moves away. Pinky cries and looks out of car. Gagan’s mother asks her to sit.


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 3rd February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Megha tells Pinky that Gagan loves her. She tells that he married you for money. Pinky leaves the house. Arjun gives her lift and brings her home.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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