Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 23rd July 2020 Episode starts with Asha realizing Pinky brought the tiffin and takes the casserole with her. Pinky sees Asha gone and leaves from there. Ram welcomes the guests who have come to see Pinky. Asha brings the casserole and tells Nalini that she will tell the story after the break. Nalini calls Pinky and asks where is she? Pinky says she came for Nandu’s work and will be back in sometime. Nalini asks why did you go, you knows your Papa. Pinky asks her to handle for sometime. Kalyani and her husband keep wine bottle in Arjun’s car. He says it is good that she didn’t see you in the hospital that day. The groom’s father asks about Amma. Ram says she had to go to mausi’s house as she was unwell. They ask for Pinky. Nalini asks them to have tea. Ram asks her to bring her. Nalini says ok and thinks to get Ram busy. She calls Amma and asks her to give her some idea, as Pinky is not at home and guests came to see her. Amma tells her something. Nalini says ok. She comes out and tells that Amma asked the guy to stand in the inhouse temple with his one leg and sings Ganesh ji’s aarti. Ram says Amma didn’t ask me to do this. Nalini says Babu ji had done this, and now Pinky’s groom shall do this. The groom says he doesn’t know Ganesh ji’s aarti. Nalini says I will tell. The guy stands in the inhouse temple and sings as Nalini says. Ram asks what is all this? Nalini says she can’t take chances this time. She waits for Pinky.

Sunny gets the money from Mr. Khanna and tells that they like Imarti’s performance. Sunny thinks where is she? Kalyani and her husband keep wine bottle in Arjun’s car and sprinkles wine on his clothes. She says he was scared to leave my daughter with me. He asks why is she showing motherly love? Kalyani says she already has three girls at home and she will not shower her love on Nandu. Her husband tells that they will get rich because of this girl and will go abroad. She says you are right.

Nalini asks the guy to stand with other leg now. Ram says it is enough and asks her to call Pinky. Seeing her tensed, he tells that he will go and bring her. Nalini panics. Ram sees Pinky coming out of her room. Ram asks why you took so much time. Pinky tells that she was getting ready. She comes and greets them. Ram tells that Pinky made all these food. Asha says she is having extra qualities, and tells the groom’s family that Pinky and the groom are incomplete and are in the same boat. The guy’s father says they are not in the same situation, as he is a widower and she is a divorcee by choice. Pinky tries to give them tea and the tea cup falls down. The groom’s father tells her that she shall be careful with relations and tells that it can’t be changed again and again. He says his son knows how to handle relations and took care of his wife till her last breath. Pinky runs to room and cries. She says sometimes she feels bad with people’s comment. Ram asks Pinky to meet the guy and tests him. The guy asks Pinky to remove divorcee status from her marital profile as divorcee means failure and he don’t want to start their life with failure. Ram says he is ending this alliance right here.

Kalyani’s husband calls Arjun’s mother and says that they have done as she planned. Arjun’s mother says nothing shall happen to Arjun. Kalyani says you have made the plan and then saying this. Arjun’s mother tells that she can’t see her son in pain and says you will not understand. She ends the call and says she don’t want Nandu to be in his life, and wants him to settle down with a south Indian girl. She says you didn’t talk to me since 5 years, I am returning soon.

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Telecast Date:23rd July 2020
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