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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 19th August 2020 Arjun going inside the room with Imarti. Revati says I will break your stubbornness and your fake love. She says I knew that Ananya was your true love and you can’t give her place to anyone. Imarti says the room is decorated well and says let her enjoy the flower smell. He asks her to sit on the bed. She sits and gets uncomfortable hearing the sound coming out of bed. She comes near him and says she wants to drink water. She falls on him. Arjun asks her to maintain the distance. She finds her fake mole on his tshirt. He tells her that their marriage is fake. He asks her to stay away from him while she tries to get her mole. Suddenly she keeps hand on mobile and the song plays on it. She goes towards him and they fall on the bed together. Imarti manages to get her mole from his tshirt. Asha fools Nalini and finds out that Pinky is missing.

Revati tries to hear Arjun and Imarti. Arjun tells Imarti that he is seen her strange behavior from the dining table and tells that if she wants more money then he will give her. He goes out of room. Revati smiles. Arjun helps Imarti jumps out of the window and asks her to go to her house. He asks her to tell address. Ram comes there and asks where are you sending her? He says he has accepted Imarti as his daughter and will not tolerate any misbehavior with her. He asks how dare you to make her cry? He tells Imarti that he has seen how her father is, so he will take decision. He says although Arjun got married to you for Nandu, but I will make sure that you will stay in the marriage. Imarti? Pinky tells the audience that her Papa is showering her love on her when she is in Imarti’s avatar. Revati comes out and asks who are you to interfere in my son’s life. She says he is my son and asks him not to forget that whenever he raised voice on his son, then she will not back off.

She asks Ram to have some shame and tells that if his daughters are less that he sent Imarti behind her dashing son. Ram says you are very cheap and egoistic. He says your son was not suitable for Ananya or Imarti. He says as they are married now, my hands are binded. He asks Imarti to go inside the house and inform him if she has any problem. Revati thinks I will break this marriage and don’t lose in life. Arjun gets angry. Imarti holds his hand and asks him to come inside. Arjun asks him to leave his hand and tells that I can’t believe that you are so desperate that you shake your hands with Ram who never understand his own daughter. Imarti goes from there.

Imarti tries to remove her kamar bandh. Ram and everyone try to search Pinky. Asha says she is not in the house. Arjun comes behind Imarti. Imarti says I am not stealing and taking it, I will return it to you. Arjun says 1 min and tries to take open the hook. He sits down to take it out. Tu nazm nazm sa plays….It starts raining. He couldn’t take it out. Imarti pushes him and runs away. She comes to Ram’s house. Asha peeps outside, but couldn’t see her. Pinky removes her fake teeth and mole and comes inside the house. Ram is about to see her, when someone pulls her inside the room. Pinky sees someone and says you are here. Ram asks where is Pinky and asks Nalini. She says you can’t handle one daughter. Asha asks her to ask Nalini if she eloped. Ram’s sister comes there and says your habit of lighting fire haven’t gone.

Precap: Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram tells his sister Antra that Pinky is getting engaged to Vikas very soon. Antra asks Pinky if she is getting connected to Arjun.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2020
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