Naagin Season 6 8th May 2022 Written Episode Update


The episod starts with Pratha asking Lalith how does Tara and Chanda know about the divya/divine kalash/pot. Lalith starts the story that Chanda and Seema were best friends, he was already married to Chanda then and Seema used to visit their house.

One day, Seema informs Chanda that her mother is visiting a temple tonight and ask her to accompany her mother as she has to go somewhere else. Chanda agrees to accompany Tara. Seema notices Lalith and acting as slipping falls on him to lure him.

Tara and Chanda head towards nag temple on kaal ratri while senior Seshnagin/nani with her daughter heads towards nag mahal holding divya amrith kalash to establish it there. Tara attacks Seshnagin and demands amrith kalash. Seshnagin’s guard white nag protect her. Tara calls hawks which attack seshnagin.

Seshnagin bravely fights with them. Tara stabs her from behind and says spinal cord is the weakest point of seshnagin. Amrith kalash falls. Her daughter holds it and amrith water falls on her pregnant stomach. Seshnagin realizes that her unborn granddaughter would be the next seshnagin. She asks her daughter to run from there and buries kalash in a ground. Chanda watches that.

Chanda returns home and shatters seeing Seema in an intimate position with Lalith. Lalith gets afraid and says its not like she is thinking. Chanda confronts Seema for betraying her friendship and backstabbing her. Tara walks in and asks Chanda to reveal where amrith kalash is. Seema hits Chanda’s head from behind, and Chanda collapses.

Tara scolds Seema for wasting time in love instead of accompanying her to nag temple and kalash. Out of flashback, Pratha asks Lalith to tell where amrith kalash is. Lalith says he can’t or else Seema will kill her.

Pratha with Mahak visits professor and reveals whole story. Professor says the whole drama is for amrith kalash as asurs want to have amrith and become immortal. He asks them to be careful for a week as their life would be in danger and find out the location of amrith kalash. Mahak tells Pratha that they need to try to revive Chanda’s memory and find out amrith kalash’s location.


Rishabh meets his boss who informs about the conspiracy on their nation by the traitors and asks him to be alert. Lalith meets Rishabh and describes the whole story about Seema being a traitor and trying to destroy the nation. Rishabh says mom already informed him that Lalith is a traitor and denies to trust Lalith. He insists Lalith to surrender. Lalith tries his best to explain, runs to terace and threatens to jump down if Rishabh doesn’t listen to his further explanation. Rishabh denies.

Pratha rushes to Rishabh and requests to listen to Lalith once, but Rishabh warns her not to interfere. Inspector Vijay with his team arrives. Lalith is about to reveal the secret when Seema pushes him from the terrance. Lalith falls down severely injured and unconscious. Seema walks to Lalith acting as concerned and starts crying. Rishabh notices Lalith still breathing and with his uncle’s help rushes Lalith to hospital.

Rehan with Vivan, Rakshith, and Reem parties and badmouths about Pratha. Samaira asks him not to badmouth about his bhabhi. Rehan yells at her and orders her to get snacks when her husband is partying. She goes to get snacks when he watches a skimpily dressed girl’s pics with Vivan. She notices it and confronts Rehan.

Rehan threatens her to cooperate and reveals that she has affair with 12 other girls. Samaira meets Pratha and says she was right regarding Rehan, she is in deep shock knowing about Rehan’s affairs and wants to speak to her brother Yash, but he is not reachable. Pratha remembers Yash asking her to take care of Samaira in his absence. She consoles Samaira and says she will support Samaira’s decision.

Pratha to confronts Seema for trying to kill her own husband. Seema shows her usual arrogance. Their argument continues. Seema challenges to find out Kalash’s location from Chanda and then kill her. After sometime, Pratha visits Chanda and tries to get location of kalash from her. Chanda tries to recall it when Seema walks in.

Pratha and Seema’s argument start. Pratha angrily tries to get into her nagin avatar when Rishabh walks in. She gets back to human form. Seema continues to act as worried for Lalith. Rishabh makes her speak to doctor who informs that with her prayers, Lalith is out of danger. Seema later calls a fake boy who claims himself as Chanda’s son and tries to send her with him.

Pratha and Mahak notice him having weird eyes. Chanda says the boy is not his son as her son is 2 years old. Seema says her son has grown up now. Rishabh interacts with him and asks his name. Boy says his name is Reynaksh which means shadow of night.

He acts as happy seeing his mother back and thanks them for keep his mother in their house. He tries to take her away when Pratha asks him to stay back tonight and let his mother spend some more time with her best friend. Seema signals him to agree. Reynaksh agrees.

Precap: Pratha thinks she will do something which will make Chanda reveal kalash location. Seema threatens Lalith to keep his mouth shut. She challenges Prahta to try to save kalash if she can as nevla/mangoose will stop her. Pratha fights with mangoose.


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